Becoming part of the daily routine.

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Because we are here for a longer period of time and because life keeps going here (no holidays) we have become part of this daily life.

One of the roles we have now is to pick up Bianca's niece from school almost every day with the car.

Unlike the Netherlands they wear school uniforms here but it's less formal than the uniforms I have seen from the UK for instance.

Looks more like a sports attire to me.

I do like it seems comfortable :)

After school we went to a cake shop (not part of daily routine!).


Brazilian in general have a sweet tooth I guess.

In this shop you select the cakes that you want and the size of slice you want.

Then they weigh it and you pay.

As most things here it was delicious.

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In this shop you select the cakes that you want and the size of slice you want.

A slice?
The cake please!

Dear friend @exyle, if you can see in my profile, I love making cakes, I love pastry and when you see that photo that you showed me flying, and you have given me ideas to make more cakes at the moment they ask me, so good that you have a life integrated with Bianca's family, and that you even have a routine to go for Bianca's niece, greetings dear friend.

That sounds like my kind of shop. I like the idea of those uniforms. Comfortable but still the same. It makes a lot more sense than the old style that like you said most people are probably used to. Did you get a piece of cake? What kind?


Haha, chocolate!



Routine has a pleasant level of comfort to it assuming one enjoys the tasks at hand! I bet your niece will remember this special time for her whole life! Nothing more precious than those 'everyday' bonding moments. Enjoy!! What amazing looking cakes!!! 🎂🍰 ....keep your eye on the prize Mark 😂🤣 #steemfat Have a fantastic day!!!!


I am in the gym most days! I am trying!


Isn't the saying 'abs are made in the kitchen!'? You're very inspirational no doubt there! Keep having fun!!! You can't go wrong with that imo.

The routine makes life a process, which respects the lifestyle that each person has; but we can not fall completely into it. Because it would get boring, so from time to time it's great to do different things. These photographs are very beautiful. It really is worth watching a blog full of spontaneity. You have a new follower. :)

It is nice to see that you are integrating into life in Bianca's homeland. Uniforms here too are less formal. It might have to do with the heat. Love all those cakes to choose from. I think all Central and South Americans have a sweet tooth!

@exyle, Yes, daily routine should be there because it's an process which makes us more scheduled human beings.

And good to hear about the school uniforms, and in my opinion too much Formal sounds weird sometimes.

And for sure no matter celebration or not cake is part of our life and it always hold an important place in our life.

So, enjoy the day ahead and i hope that you will going to enjoy the cake too because cake gives the great essence to the tummy.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

It's a good thing they're helping with the daily routine. You can tell Bianca is a good aunt, @exyle! I imagine traffic is an odyssey, so nothing better than eating something delicious to make the moment sweeter. Those cakes look fantastic! Greetings

Breaking a daily routine with some nice delicious cake takes away the boredome @exyle


Yes! Except I'm not bored here :)

I like the idea of choosing the size of slide although I suspect my self control would go out of the window in that situation!!


Haha! I'm ok in the regard :). Didn't even ate all mine. Keeping more for tonight.


Such discipline! Well done :0)

Then they weigh it and you pay.

We actually have this kind of bakery shop where I live. I try to avoid it as much as possible, but sometimes my body doesn’t listen. Sometimes we need these bite of sweets. When I finish, I feel guilty, I guess most of us do. But that’s life, the next day I know that I will sweat it out.

aha, now you're picking the niece from school, be careful, something is going to happen...

This happens usually when you go to other place , a place of relative and spend more days you become the part of that culture. Wow! cake looks so yummy <3

That's the first time I heard of someone choosing the size of their cake slice @exyle thanks for sharing!

Como siempre compartiendo familia eso me agrada das buenas vibras.

This is the part of the daily routine life.
however goodstory exyle's blog.

All the best @exyle

Yum Yum, I want cake!!!!! Bianca looks real pretty in this picture

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Que buena manera de motivar el día!! nunca había escuchado eso de pesar las porciones de dulces para determinar su valor, con la comida si es frecuente pero dulces primera vez que escucho, buena estrategia

WOW... this CAKES :))))

Yum. yum. Those cakes look delicious @exyle. 😊

It's nice you're settling into a routine and you still have the wedding to look forward to.

Are you going to go sight seeing at all while you're there?

I upvoted you as a witness :) good luck!

Hello @exyle, would you kindly contact me by e-mail at since I neither use steemchat nor discord (I had it set up once and tried to contact you there but wouldn't go through). Thank you so much and hope to hear from you. Tomas


I send you an email. 8fhg9ssh.

Means you are enjoying your daily routine which you living for a longer period of time...
My life is also similar to you but sometimes I feel very tired and bored because of my daily routine and no holidays...

Wow...the cakes are looking fantastic, would love to taste the one that looks brown and chocolaty. It is always a good thing to get out of the routine once in a while and enjoy some sweetness. Am sure all of you enjoyed stopping by that cake shop :)

ohh i didnt knew about formal uniform there btw thats good thing there wow cake shop biancas niece would have shouted here to buy all up haha kids love cakes 😘😍

Great going enjoy each day and keep sharing your experiences :)

Weighing up the cake
New thing for me

Exyle = food, beer, games, Steem.