Another test, Another city. More Dutch tests for Bianca.

in life •  6 months ago

Another important day for Bianca and I.

She had to do another two tests so she can become integrated into Dutch society today.

The first 3 (out of six) she passed with flying colours but today she had to step up her game.

The writing and speaking tests were up.

Probably the hardest two of all of them.


The test was in the city of Utrecht this time.

It's a one hour drive from my home.

I now sort of know how my mum must have felt when I did my school exam decades ago!

You get nervous even though there is nothing you can do :)

We got to the place on time and waited for everyone to be called in.

She certainly wasn't the only one for test up today.

It was much busier than last time.

The place was packed!

I gave her a kiss and wished her luck and then I was on my own for the next 2,5-3 hours.

I found this nice patch of grass after walking through the centre of the city for a bit.

As you can see the weather was perfect.

It was nice to relax by the waterside for some time.

Snapseed 2.jpg

When Bianca was done she rang me and I went to the exam place.

She was smiling. It went well!

Oooooof! Yes!

Now we have to wait for the official results which hopefully will come as fast as last time (11 days).

After this only one test to go!

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Hope for the best.
Wish her and you a great week end.


Thank you, same to you!

Mark @exyle I don't know what is more exciting Bianca @bkdbkd becoming Dutch or Brazil winning the World Cup ??

The writing and speaking tests were up.

Probably the hardest two of all of them.

There is no call for alarm since she is always up to the task like serously, Bianca will surely come out in flying colors this time too. Having you by her side is a great motivation itself.

Wonderful photography and looking best happy and lovely couple in the world. Very nice to see all time you are supporting Bianca ,so she is so lucky. You said she was smiling so definitely she will be successful. Best wishes both of you and special wish for Bianca that she will make you proud , all the best.


Thank you!

This one that she's now I meant the exam she's going to do well trust me and with the last lap to go will as well be a success....... From what I'm seeing now just try and give that same kiss of today for the last exam 😂 trust me

Firstly congratulation on bianca victory as she faced the test and passes accuratly. I would say your post rather focused on family values. Love to you. Thanks, I will love to enjoy your future post.

Good for you guys! Second post on this topic that I have seen from you. Although I havn't really noticed if you are doing this in series format or not but I'll keep an eye out for the progress you guys make :-)


Not really a format. In the morning I usually blog about something crypto related and in the evening about something that happened in my life.

You get nervous even though there is nothing you can do :)

Right, that’s true! I bet she did well this time again. At the end she know best. One more to go and she becomes officially Dutch!

Good job Bianca! The canal/ river is lovely!

Hi exyle. I hope she has done well. Nervous time now is the wait. I am sure she has done fine. Why was she doing the exam as it can't be compulsory surely?


If you want to stay in the Netherlands for a long time it's mandatory (if your not from the EU). You are given 3 years to make the exam.

Excellent @exyle. Sounds like Bianca is on a roll with the exams. Good to hear! 😊

All the very best to her :)

As she is saying the exam went well , she sure is gonna pass :)


I think so too.

I hope the last one isn't some crazy Sci-Fi style running man contest!!!


LOL! Love that film! But would be a bit mental!

congratulations to Bianca for her success in her exam, it s normal to feel afraid, the important thing is to beat them and they do not control us. Greetings



Congratulations Bianca!!!!! She is almost there! I am so happy for the two of you!!!


Thank you!


You are welcome! I wish you and Bianca a happy life together wherever in the world it may be! :)

Great news, my friend, I'm happy for Bianca and you, that this important process is moving for both of you and of course passing the tests is a troublesome and responsible business! I wish Bianca and you further success with the tests! Thank you Mark.

Wishing Bianca all the best, am sure after 11 days she will have passed with flying colors. Exams can be stressful and nerve racking but from the photo she looks confident and relaxed.The photo of the river looks great- must have been a good sun shiny day :)


Thank you so much and the weather is fantastic in the Netherlands!


Thank you so much and
The weather is fantastic
In the Netherlands!

                 - exyle

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hi Sir, good to see you happy with lovely weather and good luck to Bianca get great success.
Don't worry or nervous it's not in your hand, you did your job splendidly now leave it to the time and God.
Good luck again.

Bianca will pass this too, with flying colours! When you do something for love, it conquers all!

I wish Bianca all the best!!


Thanks Rea!

Dam sounds like a long test, and I think you maybe right about most people finding the writing and speaking tests probably the hardest, but atleast Bianca seems to be confident, lets hope the results are good, also @exyle that looked like a good place to pop a beer open.

congratulations for your dear friend @exyle, is one step away from getting citizenship. Now you have to celebrate with a delicious barbecue and some craft beer, if you wish, you can do it while watching Argentina vs France.
I wish you a great weekend

First of all congratulations Bianca . I wish she gona pass in exam .
Nice place , lovely river .
And beautiful photography .

Thanks for sharing @exyle
Upvote you .

Good jobs sir

Hopefully she will pass this test and the next one with flying colors. All the best to you and Binaca.Keep sharing @exyle

Sir Steemit experience is outstanding thank you for your efforts.

hope Bianca does a great job.

Bianca has worked hard with these tests really deserves to pass them! I wish you luck so that everything goes well, btw the photo you took looks great :)

She will crack those tests too all the best to her :D

I have to tell you that I congratulate you, my friend, for Bianca, who is a beautiful woman, they make a good couple, despite how tall you are, they look good too, and I also wanted to wish you luck with the results of the tests that have presented. Greetings dear friend

That is cool that she thinks it went well. Congrats to her! I understand what you are saying. My wife had to take a licensing test early in her career and it was nerve wrecking helping her study and waiting for the results. It's horrible knowing there is nothing you can really do to impact the situation. Good luck to her on her final test!