An unexpected discovery in the the valley of temptation.

in life •  9 months ago

Yesterday, Bianca and I went to the cinema for the second time this week to watch 'The shape of water'.

The first time we tried to see it we could go straight back home because the digital ticket machines were broken and nobody who worked there knew what to do anymore.

When things like this happen I'm always reminded how sensitive modern society is to these failures of modern equipment and how clueless we are without them.

But no biggie, these things happen.

So we went yesterday again and everything was working this time.

We got our tickets and then came the hardest part of the journey.

We had to walk through the valley of temptation.

We are both on Steemfat 3.


The valley of temptation is literally a valley in our cinema.

Most cinema rooms are located upstairs and from there you can look down on the grand canyon of snacks and drinks.

The section in the photo is the particular weakness of our block-brother @eqko who loves candy.


We had some nice cod fish for dinner but of course I was already starving.

This always happens.

Nacho's, hotdogs, candy, m&m's, chocolate, chips and popcorn, anything is allowed in the valley of temptation and its ruthless.

The colours and the smells, o man!

You can see a slight fear in Bianca's eyes. Will we make it Mark?

I said, 'be strong'.


We began.

30 seconds into our journey we come across this. My favourite stall of all and the best cinema snack in the world. Popcorn.

Snapseed 3.jpg

I immediately turned my head, closed my eyes and held my breath.

This was the hardest part.

And then....

then....I banged into something and I opened my eyes!


I had discovered a vegetarian resupply station!

Wow! I had never seen this before.

I called Bianca over and showed her the food my food eats.

She was Ecstatic! 'We can eat this', she said!


After carefully contemplation my options I went for the rabbit food in a plastic container and Bianca had a fruit salad.

I must admit I was happy I had something to munch on later.

We also bought 2 sparkling waters.

But when I got to my seat it wasn't the same.

My hand was uncontrollable looking for a box filled with the best snack in the world.

I was a broken man.


I had to be strong.

When the movie started I opened my plastic container and grabbed a carrot.

Stuck it in my mouth and then...

I must admit it wasn't bad.

I started to settle down and was enjoying my faith.

3 minutes later the box was empty.

That was a letdown.

It's certainly not the same quantity for the same amount of money.

But we did survive!

And I was proud.

O and the movie, the movie was awesome!

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"I started to settle down and was enjoying my faith."
That's actually not that bad! I think it's time to prepare more for STEEMFAT 3!


Wow, this is super awesome, you overcame.

I like the part you said to Bianca " be strong.

I give you big tops for overcoming today, tomorrow the fight continues.

that is indeed " The Valley Of Temptation " everything looks great from the naked eye and glad you guys got to enjoy your time.

it's nice to see you and bianca again going to watch a movie in cinema and no doubt it's great way to release some stress and gain back all the lost freshness, i really like your snack choices especially fruit salad is my favorite, thanks for sharing your outing moments with us friend and wish you a fantastic week ahead, Stay awesome

I can completely understand how you felt. At the end you didn’t let it beat you. If you did get this “delicious” things, your u would have fel guilt afterwards. Sometime me and my wife try to be the same, we resist for so long, but eventually you have to enjoy yourself once in a while. I know we always jag it out.


Yes, you are right. It's about finding the balance.

I am surprised you were able to find healthy food there. It is really the valley of temptation to pass all that tempting food and desiring it and yet want to be strong. So proud of you! Awesome.

This is making me want to go see a movie, but my school examinations would not let me. “The shape of water” sounds like it’ll be a sad but at the same time thrilling movie... I don’t know I just want to go to the movies, grab a bowl of popcorn and have fun 😭😭.
Like I always say...
If you use an iPhone, please download the steemify’ll enjoy the steemit platform better 😀
The fun part to me is that it shows me the percentage of upvote a person gives to me hahahaha. It’s a free application by the ways 😀

well done you two! if you can survive the cinema, you can survive anywhere in my opinion! Awesome they're starting to stock options for folks wanted healthier options as well... cheering you both on as always!

steem fat 3 in great progress finding new way of joys and temptation along the way of discovering something new :D

Haha, broken man, I chuckled.

Sounds good. Did you know that popcorn is actually not that bad if you get the plain old salted nonsense? Not that I am trying to throw temptation in your way or abything for next time ... ;O)


It's the only popcorn I really like tbh. Plain, with a bit of salt. Not much fan of the sweet stuff. Although I'm not sure what else they put in there. Cinema popcorn always taste better than the one at home :)


Hehe, that's true, at home I always easy it and wonder what's missing

well done for resisting the valley of temptation. I can't believe how huge it is! I've never seen so much "food" on offer at the pictures. That must be where all the money is made!

How was the film? Did the new snacks change your mood towards your experience when going to the cinema? We can't go into a cinema without popcorn, yes it's our kryptonite too! Like yesterday when we watched Black Panther (or as some say here in Thailand - Pink Panther...mixing up the two films).


It's not the same to be honest. Problem is that driving to the cinema I already envision myself with a large popcorn in my seat already. But in the end it was ok.


Add a bit of salt to the carrots and when you hear the crunch - imagine it's salted popcorn. Convince yourself enough times and it will end up being that way :p

Or just 'Treat Yo Self' and cut down elsewhere [This is not Steemfat3 advice]


I'm absolutely AGOG you have so much food at your fingertips at your cinema. Everything is behind a counter at our, errr, upscale cinema.

Small popcorn? $6
Medium Drink? $7.50
Skittles? $3.50

I have two kids and a husband. Going to the movies, I have to budget for a month because I can easily drop $100 in there between tickets and snacks.

Nevertheless, I see resistance wasn't futile this time, and I hope it was tasty :)


Those prices are pretty insane! It's not so bad here. Bianca and I also use cinema passes (fixed price a month) we can watch any movie we want for 'free'. Also the pass gives 25% discount on anything you buy there.

OMG!! When you talked about the valley of temptation in the cinema, I had no idea it would be an actual valley. The cinemas here mostly have just a small food section where you can get flavored popcorns, some type of chips and beverages. I so wish we had valleys of this sort here too. mouth is watering real bad

Popcorn is by far my most favorite movie snack too especially if it is salted nicely- not too strong and not too light. The combo of popcorn and a good movie is just so hard to beat.

Kudos to you both for battling your temptations. You are one strong man! Nowadays, I am eating lots of rabit food too, carrots mainly whenever I have a strong urge to eat a cheese sandwich or a slice of pizza. You increased my motivation!

"Will we make it Mark?"
*30 seconds later ..

I honestly thought you'd break and get those munchies but glad those munchies were a vegeterian snacks! - never had i been to a theatre that has a vegeterian stand tho .. but than again i did grow up in the states..


I hear ya. If it had been me, I would have buckled. The smell of popcorn alone makes my knees weak!

Yikes, I can't go on, I have a sudden urge to go to a movie. :/

you have taken a very important step dear friend @exyle, congratulations for having the courage not to taste some boxes of corn popcorn, do not eat popcorn in the cinema, it is like watching television at home.
wise decision my friend, you have chosen a healthy product, eating healthy should be a way of life, so that in these ocsiones of visiting the cinema, one can give oneself a permitted.
It's good to read that I enjoy the movie, thank you very much for sharing this walk through the cinema of your city.
I wish you a good night

did you like the film, it is supposed to great x


the movie is great!


glad you both enjoyed it x

Haha! But you had dip with the rabbit food, so all was not lost. I admire your bravery, trekking through the devil's lair like that. Takes a real man to come out on the other side, unscathed. That being said, I am available for counseling should either you or Bianca feel the need to debrief.

Also, I can walk you through some PTSD exercises, should you experience any flashbacks.

Bravo to you both.
Stay Strong.

Yea doesn't surprise me they was losing money not having them operational, not being funny but the vegan stall looks awesome infact I wish they had that at my cinema while yes I can imagine it gets empty fast and those cinema prices argh @exyle

haha... steemfat and @exyle... what a combination..

That was a good read, I myself stopped going to the movies years ago, so even though I have never been on a diet the movie food temptation was removed a long time ago.


I guess that is 1 way to avoid snacks!

Aww man, eating the food your food eats is a tough one. Careful not to make yourself too alkaline, it brings all sorts of problems.

I'm glad you did it!!!! You saw lots of popcorn and you chose the fruit 🥗 salad. That means you can resist the valley of temptation!!! Lol, happy you bought a ticket finally .

LOVED that movie!
(and good job walking past all that junk!)

You're a far better man than me. I don't think I've ever gone to a movie and not gotten popcorn. I do compensate by trying to fit it into my macros for the day when I'm dieting, but I know if I'm going to the movies there's gonna be popcorn involved. And probably chocolate covered raisins as well, because they just go so well with popcorn (Really!).


If I would go once in a while that wouldn't be much of a concern but I go at-least 1 or 2 times a week. (Got a pass, free access to the cinema for a fixed price). I do what I can. :)


Oh wow. Yeah 1-2 times a week you gotta stay on that rabbit food :)

I'm there probably once a month - and with 2 young kids it's kinda tough to say no popcorn.

That place is amazing, but way to many temptations. Never seen a theater with so many food options.

Our theaters have one main concession station and that is it. A couple places attempted to make multiple stations (all with the same types of food) but after being open for a short while they closed the extra locations.


They recently added all kinds of stalls. I was surprised about the hot dogs and Ice cream and all that. I would think that would make a huge mess inside the cinema.


Ice cream is probably the worst idea ever in a theater. Just picturing little kids with melting ice cream and them using the seats as their napkin. What a mess.

Your options are more like a food court at a mall. It's really cool to see that they are thinking outside the box and making it more of an experience.

Did realize last night after posting that a couple of our theaters do have a lot more food options, but it's set up different. You can actually get a hot food and have a whole meal, plus beer and wine are available. They actually take your order at your seats and serve you. I personally hate these theaters as the servers are walking around ht theater the whole time and even though they duck down low it's highly annoying as my eye is drawn to the motion. These theaters tend to have nice recliners for seat and are more expensive then a regular theater. Not my thing, but being able to drink a couple beers while being stuck watching a kids movie is always

Hahahahaha @exyle. Lawd man, you have a funny way of telling stories. Maybe you should consider writing scripts for movies. I laughed so hard whenever I read this your valley of temptation talks. But today's was way up in the sky.

It's good that they're giving you a healthy option now, personally I prefer eating fruit than sweets anyway. Hopefully they will bring that into UK cinemas too!

Rabbit food lol. I feel ya. I call the stuff I eat, bird food. Always got to have some on me. Great story. Blessings.

I have been impressed that the theaters around me are making more low carb "snacks" as options now. It'd usually cheese crisps which are a fitting movie snack.

Glad you are a survivor. Hope you enjoyed the movie..
Fruits never fail.

If more people like you were to go for healthier options then the cinemas would have a greater diversity of good food on display. Good job man :)

Enjoy , Which movie do you watch? I like horror movies


The shape of water

well have fun i really like this just enjot

I think you have had a great time,
How was the atmosphere there after getting out of the cinema?

That's great that movie theaters are being more health conscious.

Don't forget to make the diet lol...

How many of you sneak food in so you don't have to overpay for snacks?

Wow..great story..i appreciate this writing..i like this life..

3 minutes later the box was empty.

That was a letdown.

It's certainly not the same quantity for the same amount of money.

Hahahaha... I know that feeling, but all must be normal once you start enjoying the movie. Nice 1 @exyle... The vegetarian resupply station looks mouth-watering, wouldn't escape that if I find myself there either

Interesting, if they could make everything uncomfortable and ugly without money loss from customers, would they do this?

Beautiful place, mankind really learn how to make movie house)) You can find them even here - clean and look rich.

good idea for companion a movie

Popcorn is healthy if it's not covered in butter or an artificial substitute. I like to pour coconut oil on my popcorn and then lightly sprinkle it with salt.

I am from Indonesia 🇮🇩 @yasir123
I love blog @exyle

It must have been a good experience (without the blow to the head hahaha). I love popcorn, I can eat that without filling up hahaha.

Thank you for sharing your experiences my friend @exyle. Greetings :)

Amazing indeed,
Cant just wait to wrap up some things and head up to the city to pay a visit to my favorite cinema.
A great experience, I once had there. With a hell of amazing foods.

It was really a temptation to be wary of. @exyle Nice job sharing this

It is something New for me.
It lOOks very tasty..

greetings from Berlin

like a story in a ghost movie😁🤗🤗👍

No getting tired now, it's a 100 day challenge 😂 I can imagine how tough it must have been with so much tempest ☺ but like odeysey you survived. 99 days to go...

You got me on this and I really like it. I remember when I met an old man from Germany in Abu Dhabi and told me He is vegetarian, I told him It makes no differnce. then He said I never get sick in my life. I told myself holly crap He is 40 years older than me and never get sick. I must be Vegetarian too.

Congratulations, you did it.. I'd thought you wouldn't be able to overcome such temptation. I'm absolutely sure if i was in your shoes. I would have fallen for those popcorns. They're irresistible.
And the picture quality in this post is mindblowing.

This will be really hard if I am on that situation. I am a food lover or shall I say junk food lover. hahahaha
I wish I have the motivation and self control like you to stay healthy and live longer.

hanks for sharing traveling with you through Steemit. Greetings from Venezuela

This is so helpful to everyones use.thanks always @exyle

Just made my introduceyourself post, i support you

last time I went to the movies there were robot cocktails. that was novel

I like horror movies. have a nice day. please sir, upvote me

I'm a little jealous of this valley of snacks of which you speak. Where I live, we do not have vegetarian snack options much less a full valley of them; although, I totally have to find a theater like this now.

I feel you @exyle!! Haha

i support you man.

Boysenberry Choc Top ice-cream is the best at the cinema!

I can see why they call it the valley of temptation XD everything looks so tempting, and what makes it worse is that you have to walk through to get to the cinema meaning you will definitely be spending a chunk of change lol

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This is so cool, I love those experience, you are really having a great time there, thanks for sharing.

Wow! It's really amazing and wonderful journey of you guys @exyle. And you have described your excitement and joyful moments in very good manner. valley of temptation is really fantastic and best place for eating so yummy and colorful fresh healthy foods especially the vegetarian food.I really like this place. I really want to visit and Enjoy this beautiful place.
Thanks for sharing your fabulous discover with us.

i loves candy give to me

Que divinidad, asi vale la pena ir al cine, la pasaste rico !!! hasta ganas de ir me dieron

exceptional & delightful!

If I were in your spot , I’d take the popcorn :D they should make unhealthy snacks next to the healthy one and see what people choose . Maybe more people will pick healthy while seeing others make the choice

you are discovering this new temptation zone a lot i am loving it the new kind of experience

in three minutes only you emptied hahah i would have run that whole movie long

I wish you had enjoyed a great cinematic evening, the pictures were beautiful describing the place successfully, I liked Valley Temptation is literally a valley as I described it, I wish you success .

let me drop this quote

There's something inside me that pulls beneath the surface, Consuming, Confusing, This lack of selfcontrol I fear is never ending" by Linkin

You deserve a medal for today
It's not easy for real resisting Such urge and temptations, trust me I battle with addictions, and the struggle still continues.

This to me is truly encouraging, I hope I don't fail when next am faced with my own weaknesses

cool that you went to see the movie good time you had for sure and i guess after a very long time you saw a movie so this must be refreshing

Balance is key to be succeeded in everything in this universe,
Balance in the expenses, balance in the eating. everything needs to balanced.

Good to see you are enjoying with your wife, I wash you a great life ahead.

enjoyed the time in really best possible way so cool to see todays post its awesome to explore

steem fat always find a way to make it to came to handy situations like this hahah :)

anather lovely writing i see here its beautifull thankyou for shareing...

The temptation was too strong but you've survived. Well done.
But still got something to munch lol.

You definitely survived hahah in an interesting way bro this was the coolest thing i have read today

It's so amazing...........

@exyle I’m in the middle of watching that movie 🍿 now and I was praying 🙏 you didn’t tell the ending hahah...

Way to stay strong with the snacks... google “paleo snacks...” will give you some cool 😎 contraband snack ideas to smuggle into movies 🎥 on your next outting...

Well not eating popcorn in the cinema must certainly feel very weird!

But hey! if you are on a diet you need to be disciplined and comply with it. After a time I am sure you guys will start to feel better thank to it.

Hello, you are my hero despite so many temptations you stayed firm, happy bianca, and a good movie. In conclusion an excellent day of cinema.

Lol at the increasing human dependence of machines. Without them, we're like babies without moms.

I love the way you described the valley of temptation! I have a very similar problem - I'm dancing Tango almost every night, and until I'm back home I have to pass (and enter) a couple of fast-food pizzas and ice-creams.

My hand was uncontrollable looking for a box filled with the best snack in the world.

I was a broken man.

:D :D :D That's it, I'm following you, broken man! :D

You conquered! This is awesome! Now you know you can do it, no matter what! So proud of you both!