A solid foundation is key to success.

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Every time I go to a new client it's a surprise what kind of person it will be.

They are all different.

Today I had a good one. A guy with his own business and an email problem that needed solving.

He also served good coffee. I always consider this a huge plus.


The client of today was revert to me by a colleague.

He had a problem with his email on his new laptop. Something IMAP/POP related my colleague told me.

I expected to solve it in about 10 minutes. I have seen this many times before. But of course, I was wrong.

E-mails arrived and disappeared randomly when I did my tests. It was a mess.

Turns out that the guy who installed everything 6 years ago made all kinds of weird rules on the email server.

Of course, the guy who installed it back then is long gone and the problem only popped up 6 years later when a new computer entered the scene.

This is a common problem that I face a lot. Quick workarounds, easy fixes, lazy jobs, weird installations that work but at some point they will get back at you. Well...at me...in this case...

I have been doing this work for a while and I think I'm good at it. I have a knack for where to search for a problem and slowly pinpoint it. It's fun and people appreciate it.

I slowly figured it out and made the necessary changes. But truth be told, it's not my favorite job. If you make a mistake now, it's your ass. Even though none of it is really your fault. But it's hard to explain this to someone that doesn't understand.

But everything went fine and this person was happy his problem was solved and had no problem paying the bill.

(I remembered while writing this story that I once wrote a story about changing my rates here. This was 9 months ago. Great decision btw. I lost some clients but I also gained a lot of new ones that have no problem paying the new rate.)

To end this story:

My dad is a programmer and has built and sold the same software suite for over 20 years. He often has to face his own workarounds that can be 10 years old or more!

But he's a smart guy. He doesn't lie to himself so in his code, there are sometimes comments that say "dirty programming 5-8-2005" or something along these lines.

He ends up having to rewrite code that's 12 years old because he was 'lazy' back then.

Luckily with programming, it's possible to do so.

It's a bit different when it's the foundation of your house.

I don't know how this works with blockchains. But I'm expecting that with pretty much everything it's important.

That's also one of the reasons I don't mind waiting for development here on Steemit.

I do like to believe that a solid foundation is key to success.

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Great post. I liked what you said about valuing yourself. I am an online language teacher, and I had to set my own rate when I decided to work for myself. A part of you naturally wonders whether people would pay you for that, and the other part tells you that you are worth it. I read somewhere years ago something like, 'If you don't raise your worth, the rest of the world will not.'

'If you don't raise your worth, the rest of the world will not.'

I love this! Thanks for that quote.

You are welcome!

Couldn't agree more man, without a solid foundation, it's impossible to build something that will last.

What you do I think is very interesting. I talk shop a bit with my IT guy at the office from time to time when there's an issue or a have a specific question. It's really cool that your dad has been involved in computers for so long and you grew up around them. I've looked into learning how to right code a few times, but after some research was unsure of where to start. C plus plus and python seemed to be the most popular choices to learn to make an app. I wanted to learn just for the knowledge and wanted to make a simple, fun gaming app for my kids. In your opinion, which would be the best language to learn to write an app?

Glad things worked out well today at work brother and you and Bianca have a great night!!

I would suggest Python to start with, because unlike C and the likes, it reads a lot like common language. Writing games is a whole different matter though, so depending on what type of game you want to make, there might be better choices than Python.
If it's pure games you care about, you could check out Unity. It has great documentation and all the tools needed to build games. Last time I checked (a few years ago) the coding language was only C#, which is harder to grasp than Python, but also a more appropriate language for games. Could be they changed this though, so do check it out if you're interested.

Thank you very much for the response and advice. I'll start with Python and go from there. Appreciate it!

From what I know (I'm not a programmer) Python is pretty good. @bennierex (my programming friend) can maybe answer this better.

Thanks a lot brother for helping me out here.

Shortcuts in life tend to lead to more work later. Cheat with some bad code today and later you might spend 20x the amount of time to fix the issue that code creates. Don't take care of your accounting each day while running a business it will take longer later to try and do it after the fact. Get something on your clothes, either take a minute now and wipe it off and pretreat or 10 minutes later scrubbing.

Everything in life can either be done right today or fixed at some point in the future. Depending on how far down the road you wait to fix it many times will depend on how big of a headache it will be. My Father always told me "Either do it right or don't bother doing it" and think those are good words to live by.

You father sounds like a smart man.

Without question. It's great to have people like him in my life and so happy my Kids get to know him and spend a lot of time with him. He had a serious heart attack from a blood clot that almost got him, he was lucky he was right by a nurse when it happened and the ambulance was fast. My youngest wouldn't have known him at all and my oldest might of had some photos to look back on...but instead they see him weekly. Someone was looking over him that day.

wow this one had it all. The little issue turning into a relevant problem as an intro. The commitment to fulfill the duty - but not at any price, it had an emotional touch, a turning point with enough self-irony to put yourself on the side of the common man and finally the message with a good moral to the end.

Really nice blog stuff...

It is posts like these that show what differences there are out there, you do deserve your 50$+ per posts and if I had any voting power, I'd give you the 100% for this one. All I can do is to resteem it. Done.

That was not good work, it was excellent.

Thank you.

Your work with steemit works hand in hand.
No wonder why your posts are so fluid.
Keep on steemit.

It's true a solid foundation helps achieve success in every job or task you do. if something is wrong and you wanna fix it it's easier if the foundation is solid, otherwise, you have to rebuild it from scratch.

Very true about the foundation. I believe the foundation of Steem i.e. the model is quite strong. The association of quality content writing with a cryptocurrency? Social media cum crypto? Could it GET any better? (Chandler style)

Nice post @exyle, it's great you are regularly sharing your experience regarding dealing with clients here with us, if i also have some problems regarding system malfunctioning i defiantly contact you, it's great to hear that your dad is a programmer and also have huge programming experience in this field, i hope you also learn some programming from your dad as it is also a great skill to have, enjoy your time my friend and have a very cheerful week ahead, thanks for sharing

I wished you live in our part of the world. I so could use someone who knows their way around computers. If you are not well versed in a subject, it is often hard to find someone you trust to work on things. So many people say they know - but they really don't.
Glad you got it all figured out!

So many people say they know - but they really don't.

I realized only later in life how true this is.

"I do like to believe that a solid foundation is key to success".
You are right, that's absolutely so. I remember your father saying: building software is one thing, but then the work begins, you have to test and test and test till you are certain, or as good as certain that it is good.
The same with the work I did last week. If you want to paint something, first sand, and sand, until the foundation is good, then you can paint.

The fun part is ... what you think is a solid foundation today, looks like a house of cards a decade from now.

I an terrified when someone asks me to review a script that I wrote 10 years ago. My coding style has changed significantly since then.

lol, you need to program with green egg quality. We all know that :)

That is some hot code!!!

I didn't really get why this is not your favorite job, I get the pressure aspect of it but I feel something is missing from the story. I guess blogging is much more enjoyable :)

Aaa...my favorite job is to set up something new from scratch and do it properly. And I love blogging man :)

I get it now :) fixing other people's mistakes is not enjoyable, I agree

Indeed, it's better to build and perfect the foundation before thinking about the paint on the walls or the windowdressing.

I agree with you, let Steemit Inc take all the time they need to make sure that the core on which all dApps, tools and GUI's are built in this ecosystem will be rocksolid.

You're absolutely right. You can take inspiration from your jobs and implement your findings in your life and general way of living. And yes a solid foundation is always the key to success whether it's your personal life, relationships or work. The groundwork is what matters most.

I think its the same with blockchains. Look at BTC, in no way are they able to change its foundation into the effeciency some of the crypto coins have these days.

I think you are right. You need a solid foundation on which to build anything, including the blockchain. I'd rather wait for upgrades than having something rushed. When something is rushed it often has mistakes and flaws. It is better to be patient.

Great you were able to be helpfull to this client although years ago someone else made a mess of things.

@exyle - Sir, the way you entered to the discussion I feel wonderful. What your father did & it remains more than 20 years mean he built a solid base of his software & it made a long run with more updates.
Likewise, Steem built a solid base or foundation & now it's building upon it. Wonderful way you give us this information Sir. Love it <3

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

with the strongest core the best of anything stays stronger if the foundation is strong enough even the toughest time will seem like a few second but if now it will be like years to pass by and if we talk about steemit the foundation has been laid strongly and now how we go for the further development that will be interesting

Your job is very related to mine :D Yeah programming languages are changing with updates very frequently! Anyway I didn't try block chain programming technology yet! Hope to try it soon!
"That's also one of the reasons I don't mind waiting for development here on Steemit."
Yeah i feel the same! Great article dude!


very true, i am now in my 2nd year programming :) lazy is not good but it can work. Sometimes you just think, lets redo that and better :)

@exyle I just replaced the hard drive in my Dell Laptop and I want to ask you a question ?? I had Windows Live email on my computer and I am currently running Windows 7 OS. Since Microsoft does not seem to be supporting that email anymore is there a safe LINK that I could use to re-download that Windows Live email back onto my computer ?? I put in a New SSD drive to replace the failed hard drive....

Not that I know man. I convert people that still use WLM to Thunderbird.

It's great @exyle that your problems are resolved and you'll build in again, and the development of Steemit will, that's for sure!

Wow your work is very interesting you have great passion for tecnology

I enjoyed the analogy :) it's very true

Your right

Yah you are very correct, a solid foundation is the key to success.

Wow your work is very interesting you have great passion for technology.

I also enjoyed the analogy. It's very true..

It's true a solid foundation helps achieve success in every job.

It's great @exyle that your problems are resolved and you'll build in again

it's happy to read your daily stories on small but interesting day to day events.
Nice blogging I really like it.
Good luck with your work @exyle

Solutions to problems are like sunshine. That's very helpful post!!

Very interesting job you have. I guess IT work runs in the family with your father doing his work in this field also.

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different clients, different challenges.

it's so incredible comrade your story .... I wish you always have success

Thanks for your perosnal story. Sounds like a cool job

i Am Really Glad to hear that ! :)
" My dad is a programmer and has built and sold the same software suite for over 20 years. He often has to face his own workarounds that can be 10 years old or more! "

@exyle, I agree with A solid foundation is the key to success. hopefully I can succeed and follow your footsteps.

It’s very true @exyle
Good post.

Yes thought so. when something is built on a shaky foundation or should I say not much strong foundation then the structure will fall for sure. That's how life is. if we start something without knowing of it we will not be successful. Before starting something new we must know about that thing properly, then we should start it. If we start something without knowing it then we will not success. And that what happened to that man's email cause who install that email has not full knowledge of it so he doesn't know what is he doing and that's why the man faces the problem. So we have to learn thing before starting.

Solutions to problems are like sunshine.
that's very helpful post!!
thank you..

Amazing to see you solved this person mail issues. And a nice lesson on how to do things the correct way. I am studieing to become a programmer and it is one of our first lessons. Make it good the first time.

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