A second Brazilian wedding!

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Yesterday Bianca and I attended another wedding.

I wore the same suit as last time (I had it cleaned here) but with a different tie.

Bianca was once again a bridesmaid!

Monica, one of Bianca's best friends was marrying to João. He's a Bombeiro militar ( Military Fire Brigade) that's why he's in uniform.

They both looked stunning.


After the ceremony we drove 5 minutes to get to the party.

And from then on it was full swing.

I think this picture captures it the best, lol.


One more thing I noticed which I think was really cool.

Instead of parents leaving to take their kids to bed they bring the bed to the party so the kids can sleep and the parents can stay a little longer.

This was around 1am.

Haha! What a great idea!


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I needed one of those beds for my son at the few weddings I went to last month

"Instead of parents leaving to take their kids to bed they bring the bed to the party so the kids can sleep and the parents can stay a little longer."

Instead of kids leaving to take their parents to bed they bring the bed to the party so the parents can sleep and the kids can stay a little longer.

Dear friend, you and Bianca looked very well, and I see that they had a great time during the wedding, and if it is normal for parents to bring some kind of almuadon or mattress so that the children can sleep at the party and parents can enjoy a little more By the way, the couple was very beautiful


It's not normal in the Netherlands :)


I know that many cultures of these countries will surprise you, but you show us a photo like that, and for us it is very common, we just look for strategic places with little traffic so they can rest, while parents have fun, you can not imagine what what do you need to see hahahaha

Love the idea of taking beds for the kids @exyle.

Looks like another fun event. How much longer are you in Brazil for?


me 2! About two weeks left.

Right on! Everyone looks wonderful all dressed up!! I love the rock wall in the church. Our families will often make beds for the kiddos that are wanting to go to sleep. But, often the kids will also stay up having fun and dancing till the party ends. All the best to the newly married couple! Thanks for sharing! Catch you next time. 😊

That's great, @exyle!! It's a good start. You had a lot of fun. You and Bianca looked great too. Today to rest from the night. Drink plenty of soup and water to hydrate. Greetings

You looked like you could have used one of those beds! LOL You and Bianca look smashing! I like the new and improved look. I hope Bianca does too! The culture is different and children are part of the festivities no matter what. I like that idea that they are not farmed out for the parties.


Haha! I sure could have used one. And I thought we looked smart too :)

This is nice.
Enjoying your Brazilian look.
You both guys are stunning.
That was a good weekend.
I see beers.
Keep on postin'

very nice photography congratulations <3

Wow,you both guys are looking so cool.Wedding and party so beautiful time,enjoy dear.

Looks like you had a great time!

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wow that's good news man!!

Great to attend this second marriage great time everyone had :)

Both of you looking outstanding! So bright and clean photography. New things learned today Military wear uniform to marry time and bring bed to the wedding party that really a fantastic idea, liked this, thanks to share.

Seems like you guys were having a blast :)

and yeah that was indeed a nice idea to bring the bed out there by their parents :)

Your hair looks different, maybe it's because of the suit, and Bianca looks stunning, looks like there's so much to drink 😀😀

Is someone getting the hints being dropped around him?

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wuao how beautiful and elegant they look, I hope you enjoyed the wedding <3 @exyle

Wow They look very elegant both! You managed to stay in shape until the wedding that is a great achievement, plus you notice that the idea was great to have children's beds was ingenious so avoid problems hahaha

That is pretty funny about the bed for the kid! Smart though! It looks like it was a really nice wedding and that you guys had a good time. You are going to need a vacation from your vacation when you get home. So much fun packed into one trip!

Since I am so bad at partying I would totally sleep in that bed :))