A churrasco (Brazilian bbq) at Monica's house with a professional churrasqueiro.

in life •  6 months ago


After all the stress from the wedding it was nice to have a more relax smaller party with Monica and her friends and family.

The event was organised at her grandmothers house.

There they have this build in bbq.

It's called a Churrasqueira.


They use these meat sticks to pin the meat and to rotate it.

I love how they just dump the meat in a bucket with a good marinate.

Very pragmatic yet efficient.


This guy is a professional churrasqueiro by trade.

You can hire him and he comes to your house/event to grill for you.

I have grilled plenty for groups and often you find yourself working at the party instead of enjoying.

What a cool profession!

He sure knew his stuff and it was fun seeing him work and prepare the meat perfectly.


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My dear friend, I tell you that this is the best method to make a good barbecue, the taste is spectacular, that's why we do it here in my beloved Venezuela and if we macerate the meat from one day to the next, with enough spices and garlic, Even better

I imagine it’s about time to fly away home. Have fun. Be young.


More than a week left!

Hey @exyle, this kind of bbq, as we call "churrasco" in Brazil, is a legit south way. The Paulista's (people who live in Sao Paulo State) normaly use a thing that we call "grelha" instead of iron sticks. The diference in flavor isn't exist, but south people says that this is the wrong way to do churrasco, but for me, as a Paulista, say that this is the best way to do churrasco. hahaha
Oh, and don't forget... Churrasco needs a little more things:

  • Bread
  • Vinagrete
  • White Rice
  • Pagode
  • Cold Beer

Now you know what you can do to earn a few pennies if crypto keeps dropping @exyle. That's a job made or you! 😁


I guess I'll be looking for a job soon :) I think I could do this.

Hey, what a good job, @exyle!! That meat looks delicious. Surely an expert made it more delicious. They say that the secret of a good churrasco is in the marinade and in the cut of the meat. You can't complain: every day is an adventure in Brazil! Take care and greetings.

This look delicious.
Glad you show us the meat.
Brasil is a place where meat reigns.
Where is the beer?
I see water bottle.
Keep on postin'


Yeah, they sure love their meat here! I had beer don't worry :)

That is pretty awesome. I have always wanted to go to one of the Brazilian steakhouses that have this style of cooking, but I have never had the chance. I just heard that they are building one near where my inlaws live, so I might get the chance. What kinds of meats did they cook? It looks delicious!


Lamb and beef. When you go to the steakhouse try some Picanha steak I love it.


Okay, I will keep that in mind. Thank you! Lamb and beef sounds awesome!

One question, they did not offer Grilled Pineapple with cinnamon and sugar?

Btw it looks very delicious marinating meat.


No, never had that either as far as I can remember!


I left you the recipe here in case you want to try it next time.

Now you're talking!!!!
Do you know the ingredients of the marinade? I would love to give this a try!!
Was the hot sauce on the table sriracha?

"The Shoemakers children never wear shoes"
I wonder if he goes home and microwaves his dinner.

Another reason to visit...


No idea about the marinade tbh except that it was delicious. I'll try to do some research.

A great party, my friend and I also love events where you can eat meat and especially fried. I'm sure you had a great time in a good company. Well done! Thanks Mark

I won't even try to pronounce it. We call that Suya men here or simply mallam because they are mostly from hausa, the people that prepare the barbecue.

Uhhh makes me crave bbqs

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Oh love it. The bbq in that oven must be very tasty.

Visiting your blog at this time is very fine for the moment...sight of BBQ & all that is yummy😋...
Nice post @exyle.

Hearing churrasqueiro word for the 1st time.
Meat looks yummy

"Churrasqueiro" got me intrigued...

Let's celebrate this party.

I hadn't seen one of those built in someone's house yet @exyle but it definitely looks like a good idea though 😃

That's one way of getting your proteins :)

Great pictures and your meat looked delicious. Never heard of churrasqueiro before. I guess we learn something new everyday 😂

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it looks tasty, you re so lucky guy

Nice story

Grandma is not visible in these pictures

Hi exyle. Some serious chunks, you must have felt right at home. A proper foodie holiday.

Bbq session and you are genius in that must had a delicious time there for sure :)

nice photos good day

I would love to have a pro come and cook churrasco for me! That is the only way to have a party!