Vlog 256: Steem blockchain third year + Steemify + dporn update + Steem price.

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Team Steemit released a new blog post.

Team Steemit came out with a post about the two-year anniversary yesterday. here.

My favorite part:

There are many exciting things in the pipeline including communities, SMTs, continuing improvements to scalability, effortless onboarding, notifications 2.0, and much more. Steem has accomplished quite a bit for a two-year-old, but we fully expect that in its third year of life it will transform from a toddler taking its first tentative steps into a full-blown blockchain of opportunity, partnering with publishers and entrepreneurs to march together toward an entirely tokenized content web.

It's going to be another interesting year for sure.

dporn released a post about site Development Update + Future Plans

You can read about it here.

Steem price

STEEM and SBD are around $2 at the moment and been there for a while.

When it comes to SBD I decided to start saving them up for now and use some of them to buy STEEM.

I am a witness with our developer group @blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support us I would appreciate your vote here.

We build Steemify a notification app for your Steemit account for iOS.

Get it Here:

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I agree with you @exyle , communities and SMT's will really open lot more opportunities for entrepreneurs... Congratulations to Steemit for producing an amazing platform and running it successfully for 2 years, with a very optimistic, futuristic approach....

Wait, and sky is the limit for steem blockchain 😍✊

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

When new projects use the SMT to launch their own token e.g ABC tocken , these new tokens is tradable on exchanges or inside the internal steem market kinds SPD ? I really want to understand how the new tokens built on SMT will be traded ( coz I read it could be tradable without the need to be listed on exchanges) .. so can anyone help me understand this process ?
Appreciate your help

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Someone in another blog sent me this link of bts wallet or exchange I don’t understand precisely ( is it a safe way to buy from that?!)
Any tip .. please


Using BitShares is a safe way to buy PORND if that's what the token is called. However, PORND is not a SMT.
As mentioned earlier, SMTs are going to be tradable in the internal market once they're released.

So PORND may turn to SMT-based after SMT are released .. I guess .( only guess) but unfortunately no confirmed answer. I guess I may share Dporn Tlegram group and ask them for clearer confirmed answers. Thanks for you reply 🙏🏼

I don't understand this neither. I understood dporn as another application which will run on top of steem blockchain like dtube or utopian .... then what's the use of pornd token from bitshares? how will this work? somebody please?

Let’s search until we know. But what I know it will have its own value and so tradable token. Curation for the posts or author rewards will be steem but convertible ( maybe automatically ) to PORND token. I am not sure myself if I know more I will let you know. Appreciate if you do the same 😍

Sure. Thanks for your words.

Internal market, just like STEEM/SBD there will be ABC/STEEM pairs.

Thanks for the answer. Really excited to see steem works as a unique exchange of its kind 😎

Look at the updated comment above please

That's a really good question. I have been asking myself the same question.

That was a great point that the Steemit blog made and you highlighted about this being a baby and is about to hit 3 years old...

The walking becoming running :)

Less bumps. Better balance. And huge growth....

I love the sounds of that! Here's to another 2...4....and 10 years Steemit!

Agree with your vision @jongolson for stability and smooth scaling better than the hypes of pumps

Agreed. It's needed. And I think it's coming :)

Very good educational

do you have a hot drink while doing these videos? before or after? i feel like you get out of bed and record a video, that's dedication! :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Haha, but yes, first I have coffee(s) while reading up on things.

yeah,sir yesterday team steemit reach to 2 year anniversary.its realeased doing a new good post that two year anniversary.your work always original and important.you giving a new idea about steem third year blockchain.but i am frustrated this time.because sbd prize very low.i am invest some post.but i read your post and encouraged my steemit work.thank you for your good tropic and good information sir..@exyle very well done sir..

wow awesome updates coming in directly from the steemit team this year is going to be more awesome than ever lets just hope we are on an adventurous ride once again

It was nice when sbd was high and Steem was low and the conversion got us to exchange so much for in return for Steem

@exyle, Mark yes excitement is ahead for us in 2018. Everyone that is here now and continues to Power UP the STEEM they acquire should be very Happy a Year from now. I think that STEEM in double digits will really prove that we are the BEST Block Chain of all...............................

I am very glad to be a part of this community, I would like to make a celebration for the community next year! Steem is falling so much that I am turning my SBD into SP as I wish to have a steady income with the aid of delegation... :D

this year is quite challenging and fun too for steemit specially lots of things are going to happen slowly and steadily this will be the year that will define the real blogging and take it to new heights

Have a fantastic Sunday too! I hope your grandma is doing ok and not suffering too much. 💜 Seeing you dance 'like a happy hippo!'😂 would be pretty hilarious!! Will you film that if we see $20? LOL looking forward to checking out steemify android! Common Developers!!!!

Thanks, thats cool. I like the idea of Steemify sounds great and it feels exciting to be part of the Steemit experience. Im also thinking it must be a good idea saving up some Steem. Lots to learn for a newbie. Are you actually part of the @blockbrothers?

Yes, I am part of @blockbrothers. We are with 4.

ahh ok, super cool! good to know and thank you! :)

thanks for sharing these updates ✌ hadn't heard about that new blog post yet until I saw it here

you are welcome!

steem price is again coming down lets work togather to make it grow faster in vlue

Two years already?!?! Damn! :)

Thanks for informing

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Happy palm Sunday to you.
keep up the good work sir.
And congratulations to steemit (which is all of us) on the two years anniversary

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Very informative and helpful sir @exyle. Continue the good work sir.

thanks for sharing about blockchain.......
& steem price.......i like this post.......your every post is very useful...........@exyle

Great job

Your video is the most better video in DT.






Crypto is future.

Expanding this community,we greatly enhance the price of steem,more power to your elbow

Very good video keep up the good work

Hiii @exyle my friend, Thats really nice updates about two-year anniversary of Steemit which Team Steemit showed here. really awesome future plans and updated which are helpful for community. Goood work, my appreciate and support with you.
Steem On!

New Steemit Year... New Features... New Spirit...

Excellent post keep it up

great to have some updates from steemit today finally i guess with that the price too will recover its all about news coming in for the coin and price shoot up

a lot of updates in a single day wow seems like something cool is about to happen :)


Always great to hear your thoughts on the future development of the STEEM platform. Will take a closer look at the two-year anniversary post -- thanks for bringing this to my attention...

Nice post, thanks for information

Great job, life is a movement, improvement is the key.

steemit is not stopping here they have something big planned up in 2018 we just can't wait to see what's lined up in the box full of surprises

nice Video

Hopefully in year 3 can be better than the previous year.

Every time you bring special info front us. Now youtube is not good . dtube is better than youtube.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

The steemit team has been faboulous so far. It takes alot of consistency and dedication to achieve all these. Kudos to them and to you also.

When you say dporn, do you mean pornographic version of the steem blockchain?


Good film!

Im looking forward to see what 2018 brings us. Thanks for the post, you get my vote.

happy nice year steamit :)))

nice very interesting

wow very excellent post Thanks for sharing i will done upvote..

Thank you for the update!

Hey ☺️😀

NIce vid :)

I am excited for anniversary and looking forward to seeing improvements of steemit community..

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Thanks for your Information @exyle

team steemit is going to surprise more and more over the time smt is the big thing and seems like they are all geared up now :)

Thank u for ur beneficial info as for the SBD and STEEM even i have just a little of them but i will just like u to save some of them i buy a little STEEM
Thank u for helping us with ur posts @exyle

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