Vlog 284: BTC breaks $9000 + More activity on the Steem blockchain.

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I often use the Daily Stats Report post by @penguinpablo to keep up-to-date about activity on the blockchain.

Check his latest report here.

With the increase in STEEM price we also an increase in Posts and Daily active users.

We are also close to almost a million accounts! (currently 962,716).

What I personally like about the recent uptrend is the bottom this time for STEEM was already pretty high from my perspective @ around $1.50 (I have seen a bottom of $0.07 before).

I feel like a recovery in crypto, in general, has not even started properly yet and we are already back @ $3.20.

A high STEEM price is great for everyone. Content creators, Investors but also Developers.

Developers that monetize the blockchain through beneficiary rewards will be able to afford to pay for development a lot easier with a higher price.

Personally, I believe that development is a key part of increasing the value of the blockchain so that's great.

Pretty exciting times at the moment and lets how the markets develop from here.

As usual, don't forget to take some profits in the uptrend as well.

I talk about it more in my vlog.

I am a witness with our developer group @blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support us I would appreciate your vote here.

We build Steemify a notification app for your Steemit account for iOS.

Get it Here:

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Happy to see Steem growing steadily, this is just the beginning , Steem has the potential to grow much higher...With a current Market Capital of approximately $844,045,122 and Ranked No.31 on Coinmarketcap , Steem has seen a wonderful ride since the past few weeks and will definitely grow much higher. Remains strong BULLISH!

It looks like a great summer for crypto. :)

Excellent video friend and i am also happy to see nice green days in crypto world especially the steem is doing quite well and no doubt such uptrend is really beneficial for all steem holders and bloggers, i think steem is such a great coin and we will see more good price soon, thanks for sharing your nice thoughts regarding steem and bitcoin with us and wish you all the best in all of your future endeavors! Stay blessed

I feel like a recovery in crypto, in general, has not even started properly yet and we are already back @ $3.20.

Agree! At least that’s what it feels like. Even though I wouldn’t be surprised if we went lower. It’s good to be prepared for worst and hope for the best. There is nothing wrong about cashing out some profits. However, I’m not cashing out at all. First, I’m in it for long therm. Second, you cashing out 1% of your portfolio compares to almost my entire investment lol 😆, in this case I think my strategy “not to cash out” is reasonable.

Thanks for your analysis. I also think that uptrend has not even started, let wait until BTC break 10k resistance level. I did trading crypto for a year, but joining Steemit recently. Currently, I'm excited to research on blockchain and how Steem work than trading to get some profit only. I would like to be content creators, investors also developer to contribute Steem commnity more

Yayyy! I thought that BTC was going to fall again back from 9k and that SBD and Steem were going to follow. I'm super glad that it broke. I hope that it'll stay like that until the end of the week at least. <3

Oh yes @exyle, the uptrend is a pleasant surprise for me. Luckily I have been exchanging sbd for steem and powering up. The benefits have been worth the trouble.
I hope the uptrend continues so that we can leverage on the profits. It's just an awesome time to be into crypto.

Wow! I kinda prefer to take the route of using bots for that. I know that there are many who don't agree with that, but I find that it's the most affordable way to power up.

Yeah @cryptosharon, a lot of folks do use bots but I don't use it for personal reasons. I am taking it slow and steady and I am having fun. I am making money too. So it's all good.

I'm happy to see this because I'm always busy doing outreach and the higher prices are more attractive to new members. I'm a little mad that I missed the bottom because I have no EOS and wanted to buy. Im always a little worried about a steem killer lurking in the weeds because I'm all in on steem. I haven't taken any profit yet because I'm not where I want to be but I've learned not to buy on the upswing at least lol. baby steps for me.

Pretty nice growth considering all the important updates haven't come out yet

For almost 2 weeks crypto market is going up. Market cap is now back to $420B++👏. Price of Bitcoin is continuously increasing now at $9200++. I know SBD will be higher than $10 again.🤞😉

Good news for all crypto lords. I know that the increase in activity in the STEEM blockchain is as a result of the slight increase in the price of STEEM and SBD. But it's still cool

I hope you make a note of these figures @exyle. By the time Steem drops again I will have forgotten that it went down to between $1.50-$1.30. Kicking myself now for faffing around o er Easter and not buying. I exchanged Sterling to Euros but never got any further. 😢

Don't worry about it. In hindsight, it's always easy to see what you should have done. Happened to me many times.

Yeah. I was thinking that. I need to get me a plan and stick to it! 😁

This summer it go 6 or 7 $ one steem... and end the year I think we see this 15 or 16 $ one steem.

it is just what I think and see.
I hope your day is cool there .

seeing btc go over $9k this morning was nice and seems to be a nice little rally going on at the moment :)

Good morning! Great news, the markets are rebounding! I guess the blockchain has doubled since i joined last fall. That's lots of growth. Wow. If it can double again in the second half of 2018, that would be incredible! I guess we will see what will happen. 🤹‍♀️🎮🕹🔮 until then, have fun! Have a wonderful day ☺

Steem to the moon.

I am really enjoying the steemify app. Great Job.

Cool! Glad you like the app!

Steem has the potential to change people’s lives all over the world and it is probably the first blockchain that could go mainstream due to its social media features, also, the big updates are coming...3,30$ seems just the start.

Yes let steem continue to grow, I have not seen 0.07 though but I am sure it was though for you guys. This is such an informative and amazing content. It's quite useful really. Thanks for sharing.

the market is looking great at he moment but just hope that its not a bull trap again as the price comes down in second but if all good then we are off to another bull run :)

Imagine everyone would upvote their comments with the "auto upvote comment" option provided by minnowbooster like I do with all my comments. That would mean that hudreds of thousands users and comments would each get a 0.1 SBD upvote and because everyone does it, no comment sticks out. The result would be that the whales that rape the rewardpool get a smaller share and each small 0.1 upvote adds up and take away a lot of pay out from the whales when millions participate. What do you think @exyle ? Am I missing something there?

Only problem with Steem right now is extremely slow sometimes. I guess growth is to much for the witnesses?

Growth is great and will increase the Steem price but if the user has a bad experience with a slow product this will create the opposite effect with fewer active users.

Its pretty good most of the time, only occasional issues I think. Hopefully it gets even better soon

Hopefully, the price of steem can reach 10$...

Rapidly hit 10k break

Mark no Need to Worry STEEM price will not be here for LONG........@exyle more and more people are figuring out what a Wonderful Community this is and the life Changing Benefits that it can have..............

Last night the marketcap grew by at 20 billion dollars but steem and SBD didn't add up significantly. Was kinda disappointed.

Thank you for sharing this information and the wonderful article with that information. With the high price steem encourages me to interact more and share everyone, you are really writing articles encouraging new members, this platform includes wonderful members like you ، good luck my dear friend @exyle 👍👍😃

Bringing Steem back to the top!

I hope to soon see the days where Steem is a well known and revolutionary social media blockchain. We just have to wait until that point :)

DTube and Steemit are awesome! ❤❤❤

How much did you earn !!! It is a pity that I have not even earned a dollar on my films ... :(

Now the think is to watch volume in the cryptocurrency market. If volume sustain then we can see the next bull run

hopefully the price of steem can reach 5 $

I am just getting hopeless with Bitcoin..Steem please rise above Bitcoin..I am desperately waiting for it.Please rise Steem rise

Steem to the moon.

I am really enjoying the steemify app. Great Job.

This year steem will touch 18$ as I calculated so far

really a nice post. I resteem your post :)

Steemit will continue to grow.
It will give wealth and happiness to many people.
I strongly agree with this.

thanks for the feedback ! ;)

Hai my lovely family @exyle

Thank's for this report for ours in around the world.
It an important information we know that Steem will be on the top and it will be highest lever in global marketing.

Welling that we will win together
Hello me from Aceh province indonesia

If steem grows, we grow. If steem high, and mighty, same goes for us. Good to see steem growth. We want steady and slow growth. Because slow and steady always win the race.

how to earn more money from steemit? please help me

By posting quality content on the STEEM blockchain everyday :)

it's going to be a great year :)

Dtube works well in my opinion. But it needs to improve a lot it's search engine mechanism. I didn't find Video that I posted last week this search engine. Per example in Bitchute is much more easy to find any Video there. If the Dtube team debugs the search engine, this platform will be recommendable all everyone.

Hopefully the massive crypto correction is behind us (fingers crossed)...

I am optimistic that BTC will break through the $10,000 barrier in days to come seeing the crypto market rising bit by bit. Upvoted!

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