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Hello Steemians!

Welcome to the second installment of the Explore Boston series! What a busy week it's been, with all the work and adventures that went on during the week. Even as I sit and write this post I do so from the quiet ambiance of my research laboratory. Tomorrow will be a nice break, as a group of us purchased over 10 pounds of chicken for the Super Bowl! Go big or go home, right?

So, let us delve into an excursion that occurred a few days ago! Some of my roommates and I decided to go out to the North End, better known as the Little Italy of Boston, for a nice dinner. All of us are relatively good cooks, but it's nice to get out of the apartment and explore the culinary world once and a while (assuming our budgets can handle the blow!). We had been to a lot of the restaurants already, but we found an interesting one while we were walking along the cold streets - a little corner restaurant called Quattro!

The above picture was retrieved from here, which also gives a general description of the restaurant along with reservation options and more reviews.

We thought it looked nice from the outside, and their menu in the window detailed personal pizzas, so of course we had to get a table and try it out!


They have a curtain in the small vestibule right in front of the door to block most of the cold air from entering the restaurant and disturbing the patrons. The inside of the restaurant was quite pleasant; one thing I've noticed with most of the higher-end restaurants is the low-light ambiance of the entire restaurant. This most likely causes a more relaxed and pleasurable atmosphere, opposed keeping the lights on full blast, which would just pierce everyone with harsh, yellow light.


The restaurant itself was pretty small, where most likely it couldn't hold more than forty customers at once. I'm not old enough to drink wine legally, but their selection on the little rack looked quite appealing for a date night. And the little tree just added to the ambiance!


Behind me is where the magic happened. It's harder to tell from the picture (and these pictures certainly don't do the place justice, I am not a photographer at all!) but there is a wall of flame where they cook their pizzas. It's a cool process to look at, and it's certainly interesting to watch the chefs run about. If you were so inclined, the bar is right in front of the cooking section, so you could theoretically have dinner and a show! And look what these chefs can produce:



The food was incredible. The prosciutto pizza I ordered was perfectly cooked. And, of course, one of my roommates had to be the odd one out, but he said the veal was also perfectly cooked and seasoned. It wasn't horribly expensive compared to other places in the North End, either, only spending about $15 for the pizza and bread with olive oil (one of my favorite appetizers on the planet). After eating the whole pizza I was also very full (until about three hours later)!

So, all in all, I'd certainly come back to this restaurant. I also marked it down in my memory for a great date place, because who doesn't like Italian food or, more specifically, pizza?

Thank you for reading! I look forward to sharing my other adventures with you.


A sumptuous restaurant with good service and a very good menu

Yes! The service was excellent also. They always manage to have great waiters and waitresses at these restaurants.

Yes my friend liked her

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