The real and the ideal world. Where are you now?

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Look, there are two worlds. The real and the ideal.

The problem all idealists (like me) is that we constantly forget the world in which we live.

Spoiler: in the real world.

I recently read a story about how the girl had refused to represent the school in Competitions, because teacher's congratulations was sexist. I share her ideals.
But she forgot that she lives in the real world where the teacher is a normal adult woman of the old generation. It is normal that she has no idea what sexism is and how this thing works.
Or more relevant story.
As everyone already understood, I live in Russia. Putin recently joked about menstruation, in an interview. Of course, I believe that this is unacceptable. Of course, I think the joke is stupid.

But look, Putin is sixty years old man who spent his entire life in the Soviet power structures. To be honest, I miracles from him tolerance do not wait.

Well, or take the most pertinent example: me.
I for body positivity, I'm for equality, I'm up for anything "socially-party".
But I still try to keep myself in shape, remove hair on different places and to respect elders people.

Of course, I want to live in a perfect world where plump me no one will criticize, and between people will disappear forever conflicts, but in this world I do not live.

And it is impossible to bring this ideal world to a sharp jerk. Only slowly, only gradually, small steps.

Illustration by Ketnipz

I write all these posts for you. I talk about my ideas to those who are willing to hear about it. I try to behave in accordance with their ideals. But the rest — I'm just part of that real world. Unfair and sometimes very rude.

I believe that the key to universal happiness is to be mindful of both worlds: the real and the ideal.

When you live in the real world, try to meet the standards of an ideal world. But when you live in a perfect world, do not judge strictly those who live in the real world.

After all, how then can you change the real world if you still cannot understand it?

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