Love is always the same?

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Love is a beautiful concept.

Love of girl, love of mother, love of husband, love of a first boyfriend and the love of beautiful office managerse who every day dresses up as the last time — it is the same.

Or not?

Love to the salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and red onion. Love to the bacon cheeseburger from McDonald's. The love to the good song old rock band that your whole childhood was listening your father. Love to the beloved film, the end of which you are always ready to shed tears.
It's all the same.

Or not?

Love of to set my alarm ten minutes later. Love of to sweet pulled on clean linen. Love of to watch white-white snow over a city at night, standing barefoot in a warm apartment. Love of a favourite soft toy or a hot Cup of coffee.
It's all the same.

Or not?
The Beatles, "All you need is love"
We feel love when we hug a loved one, we know the touch of his skin by heart, though we can't describe this feeling with words.
We feel it when we touch the hair on the head of her child, pressed his fragile body to his chest.
We feel it when run after work on video game where you are doomed to defeat all the villains.
We feel it when the music, picture and acting come together, gently I walk around in the deepest strings of our souls.

We feel it when in the parental home we eat homemade food no one can cook like them.
We feel her.

Treason. Gluttony. Laziness. Lust. Obsession. Perversion. There are a lot of scary words. This really need to fear.

But we must never allow these words to hide the truth from us, which we know from birth and each time run the risk to forget.

Love is the same. We feel her. Every day.

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