How to right present yourself?

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The ability to present yourself is important not just "present". Important — "yourself".

There is no point in spending time and effort to ensure that people fell in love with the nonexistent person.
Makes no sense to spend time and effort to pretend this non-existent person until the end of days.

If you decide to like someone, then be yourself.

"Spirited away"

Build relationships with other people — it's like build her nest, to equip the room in which you stay. It is not necessary at the outset to make the room uncomfortable for yourself. Don't wear it someone else's furniture, always put their.
Yeah, given the interests of another person. But the furniture should have its own.

Need to look for inside quality and features that will appeal to someone, rather than to create them from scratch.

You heard that confident people all like? So, confident people are always sure that they must have something special that will appeal to others.

And you know what? They are absolutely right in their certainty, because each of us has something that will appeal to others, though not all.

So before you captivate a other people, first charm yourself!

You will not find love in others until you find it in yourself. Yeah, you're full of dirt, because who, no matter how you know about it?

But in the dirt are pieces of gold. Remove them, clean, put in a prominent place and share with others.

But to write people checks that cannot cash found gold in itself is a very bad idea. It's a Scam. And this is the type of fraud who'll never be able to cheat.

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