How is "kindness" different from "ass licking"?

in #life6 months ago

You know, in society there is a certain type of people (usually I call them "Orcs" from Mordor) who immediately characterize any manifestation of kindness or concern for other people as "ass licking."

In Mordor, people are usually killed, tortured, and eat for lunch, so the Orcs are not used to showing themselves from normal human sides.
Orcs have only cruelty, rudeness and a desire to dominate others.


Please remember: complimenting other people is great.

Helping other people is great.

Being kind and understanding to other people is also great.

Yes, to someone you may seem weak, fake, strange. You can very easily lose precious toughness points in the team and lower the level of social testosterone.

But life itself is not only about power, right?

Sometimes life is about the comfort of the people around us, empathy and mutual assistance.

Sometimes this story is about making the world a better place. Little deeds. One person at a time.

Friends, don’t say "this guy to licking ass."
Say: "This person is kind."
God sees, kindness is still considered weakness.
God sees, this is still not a compliment.

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