Trump-Merkel is behind China Ping-Putin in power list, Modi-Salman

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There are now 6.5 billion people live in the world. The Forbes Magazine of the United States has released a list of 75 powerful women and men in the world, among them a list of influential people. In terms of the effect of their influence, wealth and power in the world, these 75 people were given place in Forbes list.

First time in the Forbes list, Chinese President C China Ping, Russian President Vladimir Putin, US President Donald Trump, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Amazon Chief Jeff Bezos, Pope Francis, Microsoft Founder Bill Gates. However, this year's list is a bit surprising. Because the world's greatest democracy, the world's largest democracy, is in the top ten of the list of the world's most powerful people, India's current Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He was in the top ten in 2015 and 2016. Again, in the best ten, due to various reasons, in the corners of the corner, Modi. Besides, President of China China President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump are among the top Chinese President
C China Ping
C China Ping has been elected to China's new life in March this year. In 2012, after the Chinese Communist Party General Secretary and the full power of the state of the state of 2013, China's absolute authority in China. C China Ping Forbes, who has been working in China, has moved to the first place. Putin was at the top of the list for several years.


Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin has dropped down to second place in Forbes's list of the most powerful people of the world for the past few years, after being first in the world as the world's most powerful person. Although he won the fourth time a few days ago, he took over the Russian government for the next six years. He has been in Moscow for 18 years.


Donald Trump
Donald Trump to remove his country from the nuclear deal with Iran could not reach the first place this year. But he has come up to three numbers. He took oath as the US President in January 2010.


Angela Merkel
The German Chancellor has been reinstated as Merkel He is the first female Chancellor of Germany. Many times, the name of the powermaker has emerged. However, compared to last year, there was a step back than the trump. Only after the trump in the list of powerful figures. He is the only one in women.


Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos received the world's richest person just days ago. Now he is on the list of the world's most powerful. He is only after Marlon. Bezos took the first place for the first time.

Pope Francis
The message of Pope Francis is very important to people all over the world. So he is always on the list of the most influential people in the world. Now Pope Forbes is on the list of power-holders in the list. He was on the list of the fourth person in the world for three consecutive years since 2013.


Bill Gates
Bill Gates of Microsoft was the richest person in the world for a number of years. Bill Gates is among the powerful people in Forbes' list.

Prince Salman
Saudi Prince Muhammad bin Salman is very much on the list of rich The artisan to present Saudi Arabia in front of the world through various reforms has also made the first ten place in the list of powers. He is in eighth place.

Narendra Modi
India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken the first place in the list of the world's most powerful people this year. He is nay Last year, he was struggling with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on the ninth place. Modi has advanced this time. Zuckerberg does not have the best ten.

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