Vintage Love Affair

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I have a certain disdain towards flea markets and second hand shops because most of the stuff is only good for burning, if even that. I hate going through ugly, smelly, polyester trash, in order to find a rare gem, I just don't have the patience for it.

But when I stumble to a second hand shop that has been carefully curated like the one here, I want everything!

I'm in Hellsinki for a few days and I wanted to go to shops and places we don't have where I live, and on top of that list is vintage and antique shops. I didn't actually have a list of places in mind, just more of an idea to walk around and see if we could find something interesting, and we did. This shop is called Punavuoren Patina, which won't mean anything to you if you don't speak Finnish, but it deserves a mention.

I wasn't looking for anything in particular, but just browsing and admiring beautiful objects and clothing. My mom actually found me the only thing I bought here, a pair of pointe shoes, which I will save for another photo opportunity. The funny thing is, yesterday evening we were talking about the fact that I've been wanting to try out pointe shoes but definitely wasn't going to buy a new pair of them. I've never taken any ballet lessons but I love watching ballet and the pointe shoes are so beautiful and alluring. Luckily they were somewhat my size, in good condition and only cost 8€. Can't wait to break my ankles with them!

I'm kind of glad that the crypto markets are in a huge downfall, otherwise I would have been even more tempted to buy a flapper dress, or two..

I'll be definitely coming back to this place in the future, hopefully soon too.






Wow 😮 that’s really owesome !

great designs, i really like this. its awesome and fantastic, keep sharing <3


Highly rEsteemed!
Who wouldn't want to shop there.
Invite them to SteemIt.

Aquí en Venezuela la llamamos tiendas de Garaje, pero nada comparado con esa maravilla que muestras en la foto. Se hacen para abaratar el costo de ciertos artículos y hacerlos mas accesibles, económicamente hablando, al público

Amazing collection dear . Good job ,, I love anything vintage , Old is gold @eveuncovered

The Great Gatsby would be impressed.

Amazing article. Thank you

the only thing girls love, and the things that make girls look more beautiful, awesome collection

we dont have second hand shops here :/
that is very pathetic..anyway your post is awesome :)

i was expecting something like this great

That place looks beautiful!

I like vintage clothing. I especially like the way women and men dressed in the 1930's and 40's. Very stylish.

Oh wow, the photoshoot possibilities with access to a wardrobe like that!! Buy it all and then then come visit me in Dublin and we'll do a shoot. Haha worth a try.

I know, would be a dream! And hello to Dublin, that is one cute city :) I spend one summer in there as a teenager.

Its a fun city alright. Not without its down sides but sure I guess every has its ups and downs.

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not my cup of tea, but, yeah, these shots are amazing.
sometimes, I do like the old stuff, however, when it harkens back to quality unheard of these days, 'nuf said.
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Wwaooooo nice post

don't break your ankles. love the photos. want to make a short film in this store. following. best,

Great post! Whenever I find myself in a vintage shop, I sometimes end up being in there for hours. Followed :)

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