Major Throwback to the Start of my Modeling Career

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Kidding, I have no modeling career, I just like to take pictures of myself.

Recently my aunt gave all of us cousins pictures she had taken of us when we were only children. The envelope containing my pictures was easily the biggest of the bunch. Apparently I didn’t mind someone taking my picture back then, quite the opposite. Nowadays I respectfully declain 99 percent of opportunities to model for photographers.

Would you recognise me from these pictures? I know I looked like a little boy, and acted as such too. I was definitely a tomboy, and still am a little bit.

I just realised that I have the same winter shoes now than in the second picture, they are called Huopikkaat.

And oh just look at that hair, so stylish.


On an unrelated note, thank you to everyone who commented on my last post, you guys are just the sweetest, always blows me away.


I have a nine year old daughter who loves Posing

Thanks for sharing with us.

smile on his face for the duration of his life👍

I was just scrolling down the stream, your post heading caught my attention "Major Throwback to the Start of my Modeling Career" well, that was a pleasant shock, best of luck with everything you do :)

Stay passionate, stay blessed !

wow...just say cute no more word.

How far have you gone now in your modelling career?

So, it's understandable why as an adult you are incredibly beautiful (and sexy). :D

Everyone is a model and beautiful. Its just the industry which makes it a modeling career.

looks like a happy young girl. thnx for sharing!!

These photos are worth their weight in gold aren't they? Thanks for sharing!

Who was known that kid will be a model ! Thank, have a good day.

Graceful picture thats great looking and smile is so cute that reason it's very beautiful than another photo..Thanks for sharing your post .And still wait your next blog..Best of luck

You're cute now and even before. You deserve success @eveuncovered. Congratulations on your career! :)

Aaaaaw, if I was your aunt I wouldn't have had any time for making photos as I would be so busy cuddling you! <3 What a cute and beautiful kid you were! <3

Ah so wholesome and nice!

Beautiful photos!

a very brave and tough boy ,, hopefully someday be a great kid ,,

this is so cute! I love that your aunt collected and kept those photos for all those years. Must have been so exciting and nostalgic for you and your cousins when you opened the envelopes

Thank you sharing your photos

These are great and what a nice gift from Auntie. I really like the b/w ones. The first one is so lovely with the trees and house in snow. Like a Christmas card.

Yes, that was really sweet of her. It's funny that this scene looks pretty much the same, some 20 years later.

Never to late to start :-) You will be a perfect model !

People say they remember things way back when they were children, under five years old. I personally doubt it, but they insist they do.

My earliest memory is trying to step on my tiptoes to see the edge of the kitchen sink. Why? Curious I guess. I was older than 5, maybe close to 10.

Seeing other photos of people is also surreal, because of how things change over time. Does it seem like they're another person entirely? Maybe they were.

I know it feels that way for me.

My first memory is holding a huge doll that I had gotten as a birthday present, I think I was about four years old, but I can't be sure. I think if we see pictures from our childhood, we turn them into memories even though we couldn't remember them without the picture reminder.

I do remember having a very happy childhood.

So cute! That first line cracked me up lol.

so cute. :)

I think you were a really cute kid :)

Thanks for sharing a bit of you with us, just smile and keep going your way

Don't tell me you can still wear it! :O

I just realised that I have the same winter shoes now than in the second picture, they are called Huopikkaat.

Just a bigger size xD

Your smile cracks me up!
Wonderful pictures, thank you for sharing :)

what a lovely aunt you have

You look a thoroughly happy kid, enjoying life. Nice to see a bit of history :)

Awww little baby Eevee!

Same rascal as today! :D

Thanks for sharing your post very informative!!! Cute Baby Posts