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This is me on a bus on my way to Hellsinki for a few days. I’ll be spending time with Escapist and being all cultured and stuff because we are going to the Finnish National Ballet tomorrow. I love watching ballet so I am really excited for it. We’ll also going to be eating well, drinking some wine and gin and talking a lot of shit, it’s going to be a good few days!

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Culture and talking shit.


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Gotta keep the balance!

Of course. That’s how it should be.

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Wow!!! I wish I was with you on the journey you are embarking on because it's long I have being engaged in this kind of going for an hanging out.

Never been to one but I assume it'd be an exciting one for you. :)
enjoy! <3

Ballets are fun.

Have you ever tried dancing ballet? 😝

Is it hard?

Dam that's a posh looking bus. Enjoy ballet is not my thing but you enjoy 💯🐒

Lol it’s not fancy, actually quite uncomfortable, but it’s the fastest and cheapest bus so 🤷🏻‍♀️

Really? Don't use UK buses then you'll be in for a shock i'll tell you. And there not cheap at all four miles you'll pay sometimes £5 💯🐒

I know what they are like, and the city busses here are not better, long distance ones are clean but these red ones are not comfortable.

There better than our train I have to say. The Virgin ones are ok. The northern ones are shocking I was on one the other day that had mould growing in it and cracks in the floor haha and the price we pay. Should start taking a pillow haha enjoy your 💯🐒