Fire Sooth Me to Sleep

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I have arrived to the peace and quiet of Finnish countryside. It’s 1.45am, outside air is -10 degrees Celsius, inside 16. I made a fire from the last wood I could find inside, that and a wool blanket will keep me warm until the morning.

Tomorrow I’ll have to carry more wood inside so I can warm the house more and fire up the sauna in the evening. I think I might even cook on a wood fire stove, I like doing that and it’s very nostalgic.

Now I’ll try to fall asleep while listening to the fire crackling and humming, it’s one of the most soothing sounds I know.

Good night loves, until tomorrow.


Incredible! I am jealous 😢

Not only you, I am also jealous. Really motivating and inspiring

There is something very special about warming yourself in front of a fire. It is something from our ancestors that give us this good feeling, opposite of most animals who are scared.

The one thing I like about winter.. having a fire going. When we started renovating our old house, we decided to put in a wood burning stove to have the room warm and at the same time you can use it for cooking. You can even direct a stream of warm air to the bathroom on the other side of the wall :-)


Would enjoy to have (real) chat there with you, by your fire ⛄️ 🔥

Good morning! You definitely have your priorities set right. How’s the renovation getting along?

Good morning! Having a fire going yet?

Sometimes, I think fixing the place takes forever. Some areas are coming along nicely though and the kitchen is just about finished. Lamps, window handles and a few other details... In spring I want to finish my bigger "summer studio". The "winter studio" is small, has its own stove (in addition to normal radiators) and is right next to the kitchen, so it is nice and cozy in the area where I spend most of the day :-)

Nope, not yet. I was distracted by the beautiful light so instead of carrying wood, I carried my camera.

When are you planning on moving in?

LOL... that's a true artists spirit!

Our house actually consists of three smaller buildings combined. There is the "newer" part, that was added in the 60s and that could be fixed to the point, where it was "inhabitable" rather quickly.. been living in that part for a few years already. Its small, but nice, because it has a balcony towards the back yard.

As for the rest.. well, we are.. half moved in 🤪 Will start using the new kitchen within the next few weeks.

Well that’s nice! Prob a lot easier to slowly start using the new parts too, don’t have to do everything at once.

In a way, it was good to take the time. A lot of things turned out to be better done differently than I originally planed. Nevertheless, its going to be nice to have no major (dirty) projects going on any more!

Have you ever thought of having your own house?

Of course I want to own a house at some point in my life, and it has to be in the countryside :)

Languid flame, soothing sound.
Slow Motion Fireplace
Nothing left but warmth and ashes.

This is my dream to one day own a house with a wood heated stove. Thank you for sharing this!

I have a feeling you will make the most of that sauna.

Sound activities!

sleep well, I praybit gets less colder outside tomorrow

How is Finland? one on my bucketlist and can't wait to go

It had it’s ups and downs, but from what I’ve heard from foregneirs, everyone seems to have been quite enchanted by Finland :)

@eveuncovered I guess only you can write poetry with sleeping words near the sauna while thinking of cooking on a wood fire stove. Everything is nostalgic, especially when in love.

Sleepwell, @eveuncovered.

good night also good dream,
I resteem @eveuncovered

I love the mix of photos you throw up on your blog. I never know exactly what I am going to get from you.

Cooking on a wood stove must be nice! I have only done a fire outside, but I'd rather be inside and have the same effect.

Sleep tight! Looking forward to more content tomorrow.

Thanks! I like to keep changing it up so neither you guys or me gets bored :)

Sleeping with a wood fire ... is like a dream here in Berlin now that is cold (not so cold asit is in Finland, just -2) We just have gas or carbon heizungs in the houses.

Have a good night!

Oh hello Berlin, I love that city!

good night to you too and hope you have a sweet night

Haha same love being by the fire only thing in cali they don't let us burn fires, so had to switch mine up to gas fireplace still works but miss the sound of the wood cracking! SWEET DREAMS

Oh that sucks! Is it for some environmental reason or why?

Thanks for sharing your intimate moment by the fire. On a cold winter's day a fireplace is just the thing.


I agree! Love listening to the crackling of a fire. I wish my house was wood-heated, although it’s tough to keep it warm the smell is amazing and and it just makes winter feel extra cozy.

It’s definitely a lot of work and sometimes it sucks if everyone has been away for days and you come home to a freezing house, but I think it’s well worth it.

Pleasant trip. must be very beautiful @eveucovered

Good night pretty girl, your post reminded me of my childhood. I miss that! Almost 2 am... I wasn't awake to catch your post right then. Good night!

Good morning! Did you grow up in a wood heated house?

Yep, and it was cozy in the evening and cold af in the morning. But it was much easier to wake up this way :))

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Good night to you too.

at list the fire will keep you warm, good night

I miss having a fire. One of my best evening in the last few years was when we had a power cut (for a least a week actually) and we cooked on the fire; amazing. Currently though I have no fire so its waiting till the weather improves an out in to the woods for one! 💯🐒

Ah, I love it when the power goes out, it takes you back to the times before us and makes you think a little harder in order to do the daily tasks :)

Its great mean I can stay at home and escape all the rubbish :) 💯🐒