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Another one of my favorite bands from my teenage years!
The words from this band spoke to me more than a lot, for sure.
Simply an amazing group! Love them! :)

Stay Alive

This one reminds me to keep fighting, no matter what.
I've been backed into many a corner, but I've never backed down!
I will continue to fight for what I believe in, always.

Your fingers were crossed behind your back before you ever gave me a chance..
But now I have learned, to trust myself and I don't need anyone else.
No one's here to light the candle;
No one's here to light the way.
It's something I will have to handle..
My way.

I've got to open up my eyes..
Find a way to kill the boredom.
Watch the time go by, now its time for me to get mine..

Out of room;
Out of places to hide;
Backed up in the corner;
I know I will stay alive.

Disconnected (Out of Touch)

This song hits home on so many levels..
Seems that most people I get involved with are never really honest.
With anyone.. Ever..
They always leave things out or make things out to be different than they are..
I always end up feeling like I got the short end of the stick..

You never listen to me.
You cannot look me in the eyes..
I have struggled to see..
Why it's so easy to push me aside...
I no longer believe, that you were ever on my side.
How could you know what I need?..
When I'm the last thing on your mind?...

Too out of touch, out of touch to touch you. (x4)

So disconnected, going through the motions again..
So disconnected, everything goes over your head.
So disconnected, you've got me hanging by a thread..
So disconnected, when will this cycle end?...

You don't really know me;
I don't think you ever even tried..
We're on the same routine...
And still you never have the time.

What do you want me to be?
Do you want me in your life?
I feel so incomplete...
You left me to fall behind...

Who's Going Home with You Tonight

I feel this one a lot.
Sucks, but this is how it feels when someone is unfaithful to you...

Don't think we ever really got it right...
Both you and I have always kept it bottled up inside.
Can you show me what it feels like to give yourself away?
Why can't I hold onto you?...

There is no one around who picks me up when I'm down, like you do..
And when you can't hear a sound, will the silence drown you too?

Who's going home with you tonight?
Was it real or am I part of your collection?
Have you crossed the line?
Who's going home with you tonight?
Oh, I feel like you're an open invitation...
Is this how we say goodbye?...

Keeping secrets somewhere down below...
I wish you had the heart to tell me that you sold your soul.
So many things you couldn't let me know...
You had to run away...


This is probably their most popular song, so you probably know it!
One of my favorites, still! ;)

Conclusions manifest;
Your first impression's got to be your very best...
I see you're full of shit and that's alright.
That's how you play, I guess you get through.
Every night, well, now that's over...

I see your fantasy...
You want to make it a reality, paved in gold.
See inside, inside of our heads, yeah.
Well, now that's over...
I see your motives inside.
Decisions to hide.

Back off, I'll take you on.
Headstrong to take on anyone.
I know that you are wrong...
Headstrong, we're headstrong.
Back off, I'll take you on.
Headstrong to take on anyone.
I know that you are wrong...
And this is not where you belong...
Where you belong.


Love this song.
Wonderfully composed. :)

I think about your face, and how I fall into your eyes...
The outline that I trace, around the one that I call mine.
A time that called for space, unclear where you drew the line...
I don't need to solve this case, and I don't need to look behind.

Close my eyes, let the whole thing pass me by...
There is no time to waste asking why. (asking why)
I'll run away with you by my side. (by my side)
I'll run away with you by my side. (I'll run away with you)
(Close my eyes, let the whole thing pass me by...)
I need to let go, let go, let go, let go of this pride...
(Asking why)

Do I expect to change the past I hold inside?
With all the words I say repeating over in my mind...

Some things you can't erase, no matter how hard you try...
An exit to escape is all there is left to find...

Skin Deep

This is another great song by them!
It's so true, about a LOT of people.
There's so many shallow and superficial people out there, it's crazy...

This attraction;
Only to appearance...
Becoming your religion...
Looks are every thing.
The only thing that means something to you...

Only on the surface.
Your eyes are always focused.
Go on and let it show...
That there is no exception to the rule...

So fill the empty space..
With another pretty face...

Skin Deep.
Skin Deep.
No one will ever be perfect in your eyes...
Skin Deep.
Skin Deep.
Only scratching the surface for your prize...

First impressions...
Are over in an instant.
You make your decision, before you speak a word.
You end your search.
The page already turned...

Every conquest;
Filled with disappointments...
Lacking any substance...
Now you're out of words.
The lines are blurred.
Your never gonna learn...

So fill the empty space..
With another pretty face!

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