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Changing the format!

I've decided to go with something a bit different from here on out as far as this goes.
I wanted to go a bit more in-depth than just a song by a couple of artists per post.
Basically, I will now be posting a single artist, along with some of my favorite songs by them!
I feel that this will give each artist a bit more of a chance to be appreciated!

Hope you enjoy the changes!
I will also be trying to post a bit more often, as you can clearly tell, I've been a bit slack.. lol
This is mostly because I'm in the middle of remodeling my condo!

Been disconnecting plumbing/pipes//
Tearing out carpets, pulling out cabinets, sinks, appliances, vents, laminate, wallpaper..
Breaking and removing old tile..
Priming walls to get ready to paint..
Changing locks/deadbolts..
(I actually had to drill a larger hole into my door frame to fit the new ones.. Quite the task! )

I'm essentially done with all of the demolition phase of everything..
Just gotta start getting everything put back together with the brand new stuff!

I'm getting my home together so that my daughter can have the best environment possible!
I should be seeing her soon, I'm extremely excited! :)
It's been so long since I've seen my baby girl.. I'm just ready to spend some time with her!
Nothing will ever compare to the love I have for her. I'm going to be a wonderful father. :)

Hope you enjoy today's pick!
It's an old favorite of mine, from back in high school.
Love the lyrics and the feel of the band.
Feel free to let me know what you think!

Envy on the Coast

As I said, this is one of my favorites from when I was younger.
The words spoke to me on a lot of different levels, mostly emotionally, of course. lol


Princess, rest..
We’ll talk in our sleep..
But I wouldn’t dare to sit too close..
I can’t be your prince;
Though, your secrets are safe..
I am the mirror who can’t let go..

With every breath and every intake..
Tip toe further away.
You breathing and bloodshot, tired mistake.
I’m no savior..
I’m no saint, saint..
You need to see the pieces you’ve thrown away.
All the cold that you caught..
The bones that you’ve bought..
The blood that you’ve lost…
Keep your body, get the hell away…

Temper Temper

This was really true, even up to about 2-3 months ago.
I used to bottle up my anger and frustrations and it would come out in bursts.
Usually, it's because of people LYING to me or DECEIVING me..
Or pushing my buttons because they can...
So it's understandable that ANYONE would be upset about stuff like that.
When I "exploded" I went off on them verbally, because they'd done me wrong.
If you weren't doing anything to hurt me, then there wasn't any real issue at all!
Some people just never learn to stop poking at bears and wolves..
They were bound to get bitten (verbally lashed at) eventually! Go figure!


All I know is..
I'll never verbally lash out at my child.
How I treat her is not comparable to how I'll treat anyone else.
Because she is my child and I love her with all my heart.

I won't lash out at her mother, from here on out, either.
I had in the past, but that's because she did me wrong on more than one occasion..
And lied constantly..
And deceived me..
But I would NEVER get back with her, ever, so that dynamic is long gone.
Now I'm only going to try to work with her on what's best for our daughter.
I want to set the best example I can as to how my daughter should be treated.
So that means showing my baby mama the utmost respect.
No matter what she does or how she acts towards me.
I want to show my daughter how she deserves to be treated.
It begins with her and her mother.
It also extends to other people in my life.
I only want the best for her.
It's as simple as that. :)

Temper, temper..
I never wanted to be..
Temper, temper..
I never wanted to be..
Mr., Mr.,
I can't hold it in..

And so I bottled it up and kept the words to myself..
And let the anger collect for a better day...
When the words are aged;
The war is waged;
And you'll watch me blow...
I can be your powder keg;
If you can be my fuse...
Clever, clever..
Give me a reason to be..
Clever, clever..
Give me a reason to be placing all my trust in your hands...


I don't relate as much to this as the others, but it's still got good parts!

The anchor, the appetite..
Why don't you tell me how I lost my way?
They taught me to love with my eyes and my fists;
So I bought a blindfold and medical tape..
I broke all of the rules I made..
We're in a shroud made out of cellophane...
Now I'll swallow anything..
That reminds I am temporary, here.

The Gift of Paralysis

I absolutely love this one.
It's probably my favorite by them.
Kinda explains my feelings on love.
The whole "To own a heart that's half of yours, these bones are mere accessories." line..
Just so true...

I'm bouncing in and out of my body ...
Eyes roll in rhythm.
As they wish to focus..
They can't bear to see ...
Our eyes are paralyzed;
And as your legs are canonized..
With waters from these seas.
To own a heart that's half of yours, yours...
These bones are mere accessories...
Well these bones are mere accessories...
His neck, is shattered by the tides;
The ocean prays for his demise...
But I swear to you..
I watched his heart pump blood into those veins...
Throwing punches (punches) at ocean waves... [x4]
Throwing punches at ocean waves... [x3]
Ocean waves, ohh..
And as the tides retired,
I saw the smile you see today.
To own a heart that's half of yours, yours...
These bones are mere accessories...

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