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I realize people here, grew up, with different kinds of family, some supportive, and some not supportive.

This article is about families, some people have, who are abusive, and toxic.

I grew up, in a very toxic family environment, and what constant abuse, does to your self-esteem, is extremely damaging.

Realize, that these family members, are determined, to pass the buck onto you, to make you think, you are the crazy one, and that you are, the problem. They also want you, to dance to their sadistic tune, and do everything they demand, the second, they demand, you do what they want.

The term, mini hitlers, may spring to mind.

These family members, attack, and attack, constantly, with negative comments, putdowns, abuse, and do everything they can to destroy you, because they refuse to seek medical help.

The best way to describe, these kinds of family members, is the term, narcissists. Narcissistic family members, are ultra abusive, and constantly, put you down, trying their hardest, to make you feel worthless.

Why do narcissists, behave this way?

Narcissists, themselves usually, were also abused, growing up, and therefore, are highly damaged people.

People might say, “but eternal success team, you are not psychologists.” However, you do not need, a degree in common sense, to spot a crazy maker. The point of this website, is not to shill for pharmacy corporations, push people, to think they are mad, etc.… Which is used as a method to extort people, of their hard earned money.

Narcissists, are people, who are highly damaged, and are very unhappy within themselves. Therefore, narcissists, need to hurt others, to release, their pain. Narcissists, act in their abusive ways, to ensure they, are not hurting.

Realize, despite, what control freak abusers, in your family, might have told you. You are not responsible, for fixing, your toxic family members, or tolerating your families, crazymaking ways.

Abusive people, need to fix their own issues, and take responsibility for their own problems. People often, unfortunately in situations, with abusive family members, also have other family members, who are also the same way. Other family members, can also aid, and assist, their abusive behavior, by turning a blind eye, or tolerating their abusive ways, or worse, joining in with their abusive behavior.

Never tolerate abusive behavior, you should never tolerate, being abused, by family members.

Recognize, the only solution, in situations, with an abusive family, who go into denial, and refuse to fix themselves, sadly is to remove them, from your life permanently.

Unless, someone comes along, years later, and, is genuinely a truly changed person, for the better. You must distance yourself, from abusive, and controlling family, forever. Distancing yourself from, abusive family, is for your own wellbeing, and protection.

Abusive, and controlling families, destroy peoples, self-esteem.

Please, recognize, that if you see this kind of family, being described here, like your family. Please, do not kick yourself, or blame yourself, as you were abused, this was not your fault.

Though karma debt, can be at play, in situations. Karma debt, is not relevant to this article, as karma debt is not always, at play in situations, with abusive family members.

According to Archangel Michael, karma debt, only applies 39% of the time, in situations, with abusive family currently.

Recognize, a better future, can be built, when you kick abusive family members, to the curb, where they, and their cruel behavior belong.

Realize, you can with time, purge yourself, of the pain, trauma, and fear, your abusive family members, caused you.

With time, as you surround yourself, with more positive people, and work on yourself, to overcome your problems. Life will become, much more enjoyable, and positive.

Please realize, no matter what anyone tells you, this is not the end. Please, do not let psychologists, and psychiatrists, tell you, this is the best life will ever be, in an ideal world, it's uncurable, etc..

Instead, look at these psychologists, and psychiatrists, and ask yourself the question:

Are these medical professionals, happy within themselves? Are they quick to anger, or calm?

If the medical professionals, are unhappy within themselves, or angry, ask yourself this:

How can these medical professionals, teach others, what they themselves, have not done, if they are unhappy within?

They can not teach you to be happy, if they themselves, are unhappy. This is something, I know, those who are involved, in these medical professions, are going to get angry at me about.
When they, get angry, they have just proved my point.

No matter what happened before, you can, and will build, a better life, if you are determined enough, to succeed, in building a better life.

Yes, building a better life, takes time. But one day, you will be smiling again, if you keep working, at building a better life.
Then, you can look back, on the negative period, of your life, and say: “I am so glad, I removed, those abusive family members, from my life. I am much happier now, and at more peace within”.

We do recommend the following book, to purchase:

The Verbally Abusive Relationship, by Patricia Evans,

The direct weblink, is below:

As this article ends, ponder this comment,

What future, will you build for yourself?

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