Radical Honesty Book Review

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I write this book review, about the book, Radical Honesty. Here at Eternal Success, we truly, want you to succeed, in building a much better life. Understanding, how to speak, your truth, and freeing yourself from pain, is essential, if you want to build a better life.

This is why the book, Radical Honesty, is so important, when you speak your truth, wherever you may need to so. When you speak your truth, you are ensuring, you free yourself from energetic baggage, allowing you to heal from the past.

When you speak your truth, pain is released, and begins healing, this release of pain, often felt as relief, allows problems connected to this energetic baggage, to exit your life.

It can, however, take 3-4 months, and sometimes longer, for the new energetic situation, that is now the case, due to energetic healing, to appear in your life, via the law of attraction.

Where is radical honesty needed?

  1. People who are taking advantage of you, who need to be put in their place, to ensure proper boundary control. Do not worry, if these people leave your life. Your actions are ensuring; better people will come, and take their place, with time. If you have the courage, to kick, these negative people to the curb, and out of your life, where they belong, the rewards are huge, and well worth the effort, and struggle to obtain these rewards.

  2. Control freaks. Please love yourself enough, to refuse to tolerate, control freaks. These people, who want absolute control over you, are a negative influence on your life. This can be, spouses, parents, friends, bosses (find a new job, before leaving, to ensure you, do not risk losing an income stream, and maintain income stability).

  3. People who mistreat you, one-uppers, put-downs, snide remarks, sarcasm, etc. Speak up, be courageous, and tell these people, their abusive behavior is not ok. The people who mistreat you, might try to justify their behavior, however, do not listen. Abusive behavior, is never ok. If someone, is bringing problems, into your life, let them go, you are better off, without them. This will result, in life, rewarding you, with a new hello, if you kick out, abusive people from your life.

However, in the interest of ensuring, you gain the most benefit, and healing, when removing abusive people, from your life. Tell the people; you are removing from your life, the reason, why, you are removing the person, from your life.

If you can not face, saying to these people in person, or over, the phone, why are you removing them, from your life. Instead, send a long text, of the reasons why, the person is being removed from your life. When you speak your truth, you let go, of what is on your mind. In this situation, you then, free yourself, of pain, in this particular area of your life, freeing yourself, from the prison, of your mind.

Remember, no matter what anyone says! You are always worthy of respect, and being treated right. Do not, let anyone tell you otherwise; abuse is never ok.

People might say, well, I do not need to speak my mind, let go of negative people, etc… Well, the simple answer to this is, there is no cheating the law of attraction. Thinking happy thoughts, will not change a situation, via the law of attraction. However, clearing out old pain, expressing your feelings, rather than holding it in, will bring about better circumstances, into your life, via the law of attraction. Thus, ensuring the wrong people, leave your life, and the right people, enter your life, and stay in your life.

Improving your life is not an overnight, quick fix. It takes time, and hard dedicated work, taking small actions, every day, to move problems out of your life. Committing to improving your life, no matter what happened before, allows you, to go up the ladder, in quality of life, as better situations enter your life, via the law of attraction. Better situations will only come, because you put in the hard work, to change a situation, and thus, are rewarded for hard work.

We could simply say, buy angelic healing products from us, and spend $10,000 +, but this isn’t our goal. We want you, to gain the tools, knowledge, and skills necessary, to work on areas, of your own life, without having to seek us out, to solve every situation for you. This, then ensures you benefit heavily from powerful tools, and advice. Thus, empowering you to start, bringing change, into your life. Angelic Healing, however, helps, with the stuff, that is difficult to fix, and is more complex. We want, to empower, you with the abilities, knowledge, and skills to begin changing your own life, for the better.

The book, Radical honesty is available for sale below:


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