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To solve problems, you first need to sit down, and ask yourself, the following questions:

  1. How much, do I want to change?
  2. Am I willing to do whatever it takes, to solve my problems?
  3. Am I willing to try again, if I fail to solve my problems?
  4. Will, I commit to seeing the problem-solving process through, no matter what obstacles, I might face, on the way to solving my problems permanently.

If you have decided, you are willing to do; whatever it takes to solve your problems, we now move to the next step.

Now write down your problems, write a long list, of every single problem, in your life no matter how small, it may seem.

Now decide which tasks, you will prioritize first, write these tasks down, on a separate sheet, to break the task down to more manageable portions.

Now, start asking the following questions, related to solving the problems you have prioritized:

  1. How can I solve this problem?
  2. Is it financially viable to be able to solve this problem, right now?
  3. Do I have the time necessary, to be able to commit to solving this problem?
  4. Do I have the willpower to keep going, when the going gets tough?

I will below explain, how I solve problems, and examples of how, I solved a particular issue.

How I solve problems:

I write down my problems, on a sheet of paper, with a pencil, or input the problems, into my phones notes section.

Then, I start looking for solutions, to solve this problem, and then begin using the solutions, to fix the problem permanently.

An example of a problem I solved is:

I had a fear of height. It held me back, from living a more fulfilling life. I decided to take a bungee jump, as I had to overcome this problem, to move up in quality of life. I booked with a bungee jump company in the UK, and went, and done a bungee jump, I struggled at first to climb the lift upwards, and then I managed to jump, and halfway down, my fear of heights was gone. Solving my fear of heights, has resulted in me, being able to live a more fulfilling life.

The second example, of a problem I solved, is:

I had a fear of spicy food, a wonderful, friendly Islamic takeaway, near me, that I found via the Just Eat app, helped me solve this problem, by giving me advice, on which foods to eat, to gradually increase the level of spice, I could tolerate.

I overtime, over just two weeks, gradually increased my level of spice, in my food, at the start of the two weeks, I could only eat mild spicy food, and by the end of the week, I was eating vindaloo, which I felt was a delicious dish, and was adoring it.

I felt massive accomplishment, to be able to move past this problem permanently.

The third example, of a problem I solved, is:

I hated lemon pie, because I had grown up, in an abusive environment, and had developed negative feelings related to lemon pie. I tried lemon pie, as an adult, and changed my perceptions, from I dislike this lemon pie, to I adore this lemon pie, and it tastes wonderful now.

The fourth example, of a problem I solved, is:

I overcame a fear of sharks, by watching a wonderful youtube video:

This youtube video, really helped me, because it showed me, there are friendly, playful sharks out there, and the youtube video, made me lose my fear of sharks.

It felt amazing, to let my fear of sharks go.

As I wrap this up, I have a kind message, to those who have read this article:

I hope you achieve the results you seek, and overcome the problems in the way, of what you want.

Greatness, is ahead of you, if you keep going, and working through your problems.


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