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On the road to success, you will have people who doubt you, and criticize everything you do, these people have low self-esteem, and are trying to put you down, to feel better in their sad unhappy lives.

Ignore these people, boot these people from your life, you are the sum, of the five people closest to you. You are worth so much more, than what your naysayers tell you, you are worth. You are so much more intelligent, than your naysayers tell you, you are intelligent.

Stand up and say, no more, will I let negative people hold me back, no more, will I let jealous people hold me down, no more, will I let insecure people hold me back, from the growth, and success I truly deserve.

An army is one, going in the right direction in life, is always better, than an army of negative critical people. Just remember at one point, Jeff Bezos worked for Macdonalds, at one point, Steve Jobs was fired from the company he created, at one point, Oprah Winfrey was homeless living out a van, be like these people, never give up, DEFY! Success comes to those, who never give up.

The person, who never gives up, and never stops defying, and is willing to do whatever it takes, is the very person who is 100 percent, guaranteed success.

Just because this chapter of your life is difficult, does not mean, it’s the final chapter, keep going, keep growing, the best years of life, are not behind you, they are ahead of you.

Every day, remove, something negative in your life, move forward. Didn’t like a particular food, when you was younger? Go buy and eat that food, and build better feelings about it.

Guess what you just did? You just gave yourself, a tiny permanent boost, to your self-esteem. Keep going! What foods do you need to build a better relationship with? What regrets do you have? What fears do you have?

Go face those regrets, I regretted for years, I never had afternoon tea, I went and done it, and felt so proud it, because it brought up, deep emotion inside of me, because I was burning away something negative in my life, and making me stronger, and more successful.
I was once really sick, from Oysters, when I worked in professional cookery, and developed an intense fear of oysters. Because of this fear, I decided to go, and visit an oyster restaurant, and eat the very oysters, I deeply feared, recently, and my goodness they tasted amazing, the taste of success, and growth is always amazing!

The feeling of deep inner peace, is amazing, the satisfaction you feel, when you defied society, who told you, you would never overcome that fear, and you proved them wrong.

I did not start strong, in fact I defied the odds, heavily stacked against me, to achieve incredible inner peace, and success. Doctors, Psychologists, Parents, Family, Friends: everyone told me I wasn’t going to make it in life, I told them fuck you all, your all wrong, I will prove every single one of you, wrong!

I persevered, and booted them all out of my life, and decided it was time to fly solo for now. I got to work, facing my fears, I did a bungee jump to overcome a fear of heights, overcome a fear of spiders, went to work facing my regrets, and overcoming them, one by one, went to work doing everything I wanted to do.

I have since July 2017, every single day, resolved something negative in my life, yes, 365 days, a year since then, I have been working on myself, growing in mental strength, and extreme confidence, day in day out.

Working towards my goals, defying my critics! Defying the naysayers!

Over time, my confidence grew by leaps, and bounds, and I went from insecure, and struggling with very low confidence, to a woman who is now a party animal, proud and extremely confident, openly and proudly defiant.

My whole world has changed for the better, as I defied millions of doctors, scientists, psychologists who said what I did, was medically impossible, and tens of billions of us dollars, has yet to do, what I did officially!

My path may have had, a very hard beginning, I grew up with intense abuse, I endured 25 years of torment, emotional torment, psychological torture, physical torture, people who raped me, people who bullied me.

But, I defied my narcissist relatives, I defied my abusers, I defied my enabling relatives, I defied the dozens of psychologists, and doctors, with masters degrees, and PHD’s who said, id never do, what I have, been able to do.

I proved every single one of them wrong, and showed every single one of them, what is possible when you defy the norm, and defy the crowd, and seek to achieve greatness.

Greatness comes to you, When you never give up, no matter how dark this chapter, of your life becomes, what is awaiting you, on the other side of these hardships, is greatness.

Do you know how I look at An defiant platform, a platform of people who said, we are not going to let the past define us, the greatest years of Steem’s greatness are ahead of us.

I already know, Steem will reach $50.00 a Steem, and upwards, and people will look at Steem, 20 years from now, and say “remember, how when Steem was $250.00 a Steem”? “Those days were a bargain, and now Steem’s selling for $950.00 a Steem minimum”. “I should of defied, the naysayers, and jumped in way earlier on, and ignored the doommongers, who said Steem was a fad, and wouldn’t last”.

Facebook Admin Team, are some of our greatest supporters, because the more people they boot off facebook, the stronger we as a community grow.

I thank Facebook Admin Team, deeply, for giving our communities much needed growth!

Remember from tiny acorns, huge giant oak trees grow, tall, and proud, and defiant in their position in life.

Be defiant, and become the winner in life, you are meant to be!

You greatness is coming, hang in there!

Abigail Bourne – Eternal Success.

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