Dealing with Setbacks, Part 1, Version 1

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Dealing with Setbacks, Part 1

Setbacks can come in many forms. However, your mindset, decides if the setback, will be temporary or permanent. Some setbacks, can be painful emotionally, or painful physically.

It is essential, at this moment, to realize, that though, it is difficult, that if you get back up, and keep trying, you will eventually, find a way to resolve the issue. Though, it may take several attempts, or more to solve the issue, causing the setback.

Do not give up; it is at the point, you are most wanting to give up, that a breakthrough, is about to occur.

I have had many setbacks, on my way up the ladder, going up in quality of life. I have had neighbors, who taunted me, day in day out, and attempted to break my spirit, and break me emotionally. However, despite this, I held my ground, and kept pushing forward, and was able to continue advancing forward, and move somewhere better, with time.

I have had people, tell me to give up, and that you will never succeed, at what you’re doing. I choose, to ignore these naysayers, and won the battle. Therefore, achieving what the naysayers, kept telling me, could not be done.

These negative people, are fantastic for developing an ultra-strong mindset. Providing, you're willing, to do, whatever it takes to win, no matter how painful, or hard it gets.

Remember, focus on progress, with enough time, and effort, anything can be overcome. If you want motivation, you likely have it easier than I did, I had people who wanted to murder me, and I stood my ground, and won. This is despite, facing multiple attempts on my life.

I am not afraid, of death. My lack of fear, regarding death, is because I have faced, it so closely. I used to when, I was younger, get attacked every single night, in my sleep. When I awoke, I was cut all over, and bleeding, and bruised. I then went toe to toe, with the negative being, that attacked me, night after night, for over two years, and I won the fight. Once, I won the fight, the malevolent being, left me alone for good.

I was amazed to make it to 25, as I did not expect to survive.

What’s the point, of this factual story?

I am showing you, that no matter, how many setbacks you face, you can always persevere, and outlast your setbacks, as I did.

You can always, overcome any setback. I have overcome many setbacks, like, having to be given, four bags of blood, because I was bleeding so much, after an operation. This is because, I was bleeding out, and without intervention, once again by loving archangels, I would have died. Losing so much blood, did, however, add more recovery time, regarding, what I went through, due to the trauma to the body of blood loss, but I outlasted it and won.

I have lived, in a homeless shelter, after being betrayed, by a former friend. However, despite this setback, I rebuilt, what I lost, and have since, gone much higher, than I did before. Because of my dedication to achieving success, the results of my hard work, are permanent. Therefore, the results, can not be taken away from me, no matter what happens.

I underwent, 14 rounds, of colonic hydrotherapy, to overcome severe fatigue issues, and many other issues. The recovery from colonic hydrotherapy, considering, I was doing a session a week, was brutal. However, the results, I have obtained from colonic hydrotherapy, have been well worth, the hardships I endured, during this process.

I am showing you, the reader. That, no matter what happened before, you can persevere, and outlast your problems. Do not worry, about if you have disabilities. Medical science is catching up, very fast. Medical science is solving, and improving many situations. Have faith, and your disability, will either, be improved, or solved with time.

Remember, to overcome any setback, take a deep breath, and say, “I will not let this, defeat me, this is not the end, I will outlast this problem.” “No matter what happens, I will find a way through, past, or around this obstacle.”

• You are worth, so much more, than you realize, you have greatness within you, do not give up. The hard times, your facing now, will end, with time. This, is providing you take multiple small actions, a day to move forward. Small actions could be:

• speaking your truth, to let go, of what is on your mind,

• trying a food product, you previously disliked, to change your perceptions of the food product.

• Sending a letter, by writing down, all the thoughts, and feelings, you did not feel, capable of saying online, or in person. Just because, letter writing is an old format, do not underestimate its power, to really help you on your journey, with overcoming setbacks.

These methods, along with others out there, will help improve your self-esteem. Remember, any issue resolved, no matter how small, will contribute to building a better life, in the long run. The solution, to overcome setbacks, is to face, and overcome problems, and issues, whether you find them, that are in the way of the quality of life you seek. By working hard, and overcoming problems now, will result in the long-term, with you being rewarded, with a much better life, as a reward, for your hard work and dedication to win, in life.

Stand tall, and know you will win!

Keep going; onwards we head to victory!

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