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Many people are not aware of what is known as the golden rule.. Let me take some time to acquaint you with it..

First of all, how can you define a rule?

A rule can be defined as of a set of understood regulations or principles governing conduct or procedure within a particular area of activity.

You might now wonder, can any rule ever be golden? Yes of course!

If you are conversant with your copy of the Bible, you might have come across this scriptures; Matthew chap 7 Vs 12,13. It says in quote ' Whatever you want me to do to, you also must do to them'. No doubts, those words are self explanatory.

Sometimes, a lot of individuals tend to forget this unique rule of life and wrongly adapt to a life of self justification and exhonoration.. They forget that every man born of human is not near perfection at all!

When carrying out business dealings, do you find it difficult to treat your business partner just fair enough? If so, you need to carry out a check on yourself, you probably forgot that you wouldn't have liked to be treated unfairly too.

In relationships, are you the partner that always seeks for attention and care and never giving any of such out? You might be hurting your partner so much that before you realize it, he/she would only show love out of duty and not out of sincerity and genuinity.

How about your daily dealings with others? Are you the type that walks pass your neighbor without saying a word of greeting and then later expect a greeting from a colleague at work? If so, you might be loosing out in meaningful friendship you ought to have enjoyed.

In all, as long as we continue to live in this world, we must treat others the way we want to be treated, that way the world would be a haven of love and peace.

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