Flagged for shit posting. Four words and one picture doesn't deserve reward or recognition.

Consider this idea, that images are high bandwidth informatics. Far more info than the time and energy it takes to wiggle humanoid digits and wrestling with limbic impulses to eat more. Perhaps you can reduce the photo to 5 words instead of 1000?
1 militarism
2 industrialism
3 rain
4 brake-lights!
5 driving

Your turn; 5 or 1000...?

He's just not well-intentioned. I did what the system allowed. The essence of the photo is that everyone else can see it

Thanks for the comment! I had little time now. I think the photo is interesting.

So being short of time is an excuse to shit post? When I’m short on time I simply don’t post anything.

Why is photo tag? A photo is often more than a novel. Where is the rule prohibiting this?? If you do not like, do not click on it. Many people like it, I'm glad they made them happy.

Actually, if I disagree with the reward, which I do, I can flag your piece of shit post, which I have. This is how Steemit works.

Ok but i think it is not good in the steem. If you have money, your opinion is 100* more than avarage people opinion..Like in your case..Other thinking is okay, but that 100 people upvote worth nothing because 1 man is not okay. This is not your fault, this is the system fault.

Most of the votes on this post are the result of bots. The flags are from humans who have manually flagged your shit post. Think hard about that. It speaks volumes about the quality of your post.

Show me high amount post without bots! Without bots, nobody see it! World Peace!

You're a funny boy, you're also using bots! I saw it. :) Everyone can see it! I think your posts are even worse :) You are not too credible in the eyes of the readers. You do not have to lie. I can downvote you with my friends if I want you, just not my style. But if you continue it, I will do it, be clever!

if you look at that much money is mostly from robots..what i can do and you also can do..if I do not do it nobody can see it. Peace!

The thing is mate, this is such a low effort post that nobody should see it. Think about this, if you want real engagement on your posts then create something of quality that is worth engaging in. This post is awful, and doesn’t deserve attention. And that’s why you’ve received flags from some of the bigger accounts. This is a shit post, no matter how hard you try to argue the point.

Is there a rule that can not be a photo interesting to people? Or how long to talk? If you have only one photo you can not upload it? Go to the trash? Ridiculous!

This is your opinion, a lot of people hate telling him what to see..see everyone in what he wanted, that art.

Your photo is not art. It’s taken from inside a car. In fact, it might not even be your photo.

What is art?:

Art is a diverse range of human activities in creating visual, auditory or performing artifacts (artworks), expressing the author's imaginative, conceptual idea, or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power.[1][2] In their most general form these activities include the production of works of art, the criticism of art, the study of the history of art, and the aesthetic dissemination of art.

From wiki...peace!

Instagram is popular, do you think why? It is not forbidden to place a photo here. I also think a lot about how to shoot, it may be more time than some long blogs ..

You thought long and hard about whether or not to include your dashboard in your photo? Yes, clearly a skilled photographer took this image.

You know this roundabout is not in my room. I went straight to photograph this. The quality of the picture is wrong, I made it by phone, I have no money for this, and I do not want to buy an expensive machine, I'm interested in the subject of the photo. Peace!

I think sharing a photo is perfectly fine! I want you to post more of them.

I make no judgment on the merit of posting it. I want engaged users.

I don't think you are scamming or spamming. I am simply using my stake to curate what I think deserves more or less value.

I think this is over -rewarded and I've used my stake to express it.

Carry on and continue to post!

quien me ayuda? porque si he montado 3 post no tiene visitas? o puntos? y los seguidores se congelo en 47? esto es normal? o tengo un problema? gracias !!!

Hola! Lo que debes de hacer es entrar a los temas de los cuales tu escribes y comenzar a hacer aportes reales... opiniones y críticas constructivas. NO como el de arriba que solo dice "nice" o "interesting" "I like you". Lo que debes de hacer es interesarte por lo que los demás escriben. Si haces una buena crítica, lo más seguro es que ellos también entren a tu perfil y vean lo que tu haces, ya que si tu te tomaste el tiempo de hacerlo, ellos también lo harán.
Ten paciencia, al final esto es un blog/vlog/ personal que puede darte algún beneficio económico. Pero lleva su tiempo y contenido de calidad.
Los que ves que tienen mucho $ en upvotes es porque han comprado de bots ese servicio y es como una inversión... metes $50dlls y te dan en upvotes $55.00 dlls (es ejemplo, no son números reales). Por lo que no te lo tomes negativamente, créeme que con buen contenido, paciencia y opinando con otros #steemers tus post podrán despegar pronto!
También trata de usar los # que sean más adecuados para tu post.

Saludos y mucho éxito!!!

Money tree edit2.jpg

Guardo tu respuesta, ha sido útil para mi.

yes, you right.

I just remember one of the movie of Mr Bean (Johnny English) in which he drive a chopper as if he is driving a car. He followed the road to-a-tee and turned also in round about, lol

Actually I want to be a pilot and I want to do this kind of things. This looks really fun. But I hope for the safetiness.

i love Mr. Bean character


Very good! Sometimes perspective is everything... Check this!!


did you take them? Very intresting

Yes, I took them in Parma (Italy)

the clouds in the sky is so clear. Anyway a perfect shot.

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That is incredible and amazing product of advanced technology in advanced world.

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