Crypto companies are the most popular!

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The best American startups were ranked by Linkedin. The list of 50 best young companies was ranked on the basis of the following criteria: the number of employees, the popularity of their Linkedin profile, the number of applicants for advertised jobs, and the "top talent" hiring - that is, the number of employees seduced by other top companies.


Third place was acquired by Coinbase, boasting 20 million users.

The Robinhood was ranked sixth - its popularity is due to commission-free trading

Ripple finished seventh place

Only companies with headquarters in the United States, younger than seven and employing at least fifty employees are included in the list.

The top 10 lists look like this:

1, lyft
2, Halo Top Creamery
3, Coinbase
5, bird
7, Ripple
8, Glossier
9, Aurora Innovation
9, Rubrik

What do you think about these rates? Bitcoin bear market is nearing end. The current bear market is a joke! Do you agree?

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