2,000 Followers ~ A Milestone ~ HUGE GIVE-A-WAY

in #life3 years ago

I was pretty pleased to recently make my one-year anniversary, it made me recall a lot of good times from the last 365 days. I still sit here and think of good times I have had here on Steemit and of more great things to come.

A few things I am thinking of today......

1.) I made my 1 year <-- Good
2.) I made reputation 65 <-- Yay!
3.) I started boosting deserving minnows by feeding them <--Good
4.) I am breaking 3,000 SP this week <-- Good, it is easy when you think of Steem in Steem and not dollars
5.) I broke 2,000 followers <-- Great!


In the event I had accomplished all of these things last year at this time it would have been a big party with a healthy give-a-way but............none of the 5 things above really means much except #3 and we are even having a problem getting people to recommend good users to push.

I was going to do a give-a-way but 2,000 is fake as fuck......I only have 222 followers, I will do the give-a-way when I hit a true 2,000 followers.

Screenshot_2018-09-12 Spectacles for Steemit.png

Sadly as time goes on and things change in the Steemit world things that used to mean a lot yesterday are no longer true.

Here is to the old system........



Very post, such celabrate, many up-vote!

/undead follower reporting

That made my night, lol

Rip ded followers :(

@erodedthoughts may i ask....where can you find this 'service' indicating the status of your followers??

Well at least the numbers here are pretty good, I'm here longer than you and check my SP

I was going to do a give-a-way but 2,000 is fake as fuck......I only have 222 followers, I will do the give-a-way when I hit a true 2,000 followers.

Which site did you use? I want to know my true followers too!!

Thank you so much!!

I hope I am among the 222 living followers though?

I just hit 60 which was kinda cool. I am closing on 1000 sp; 700+ presently. My followers are about 100+, the rest are seat fillers, ignore them. Not shabby at all if I say so myself.

Yeah, looking at some of the top dogs 222 really isn't that bad.

And I hope you are a live one!!!

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Keep up the good work and original content, everyone appreciates it!

How do you check those stats? (+congrats!)

dont worry, i compensate for a 1000 followers. celebrate every little milestone.
tell me, if you were not using steemit, what would be different?
and congrats!

I would just be playing PS4, watching TV and playing with the kids. Not much I can do in the shape I am in.

oh, tell me about your condition. if not here then pm me on discord.
you seem pretty fine to me. i hope you are doing well.

Well, well, I guess I'm a ghost follower... What a title!


Congrats brother! STEEM ON :D

Lol well 222 is a huge number by steemit standards

As I look at more accounts and the same thing happening across the board, you are right. I really wish the view counter was still there for those of us who want the information. People will always game the system, it would be a nice addon for the rest of us to have.

I guess being an undead is better than being dead-so congrats!

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