Power Up Your Brain, D. Perlmutter & A. Villoldo - a reflection. Log 1: Incentive

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Dear, respected followers and of course all other Steemians,

The time has come for quality writing. My articles thus far have been rather limited concerning quality and depth, intentionally and with good reason: the platform and community were completely new to me. Upon meeting a person or community I do not generally throw my heart and soul straight into the ring; at least, not when I can’t allow my senses to take in the full spectrum of a person through body language, pitch, energy radiance and facial expressions.

However, in the past two months, while playing around on steem in various manners, I’ve got one thing clear in my mind: our community have an enormous battery of knowledge, wisdom, insight, experience and, most importantly, a sense of true community and love. Though I cannot but miss out on the full spectrum of non-verbal personality due to the limitations of the internet, I see many share their life and soul with us. To speak out to a listening ear, to share a burden, to inspire, to create, and to bond. As a personal example, I truly feel for Mark Whittam @markwhittam and his family. Not only his and his family’s grief for having to leave the beautiful Swedish environment and the beloved persons in their vicinity, but also their joy of starting a new adventure in their journey towards a free life in Portugal. I have never met Mark and his family, but I already know that if I did it would feel truly familiar, like meeting a trusted friend.

Let me say in short that not only do I see beautiful things happening on our platform, but also enormous potential in our current and future synergy, in being stronger together than the sum of our individual powers. Therefore, it is time that I share something with you that is not what I do, for that, see previous posts, but who I am. And currently, I am reading a wonderful book that touches upon part of who I am. This is the first of around 20 logs (Incentive, Preface, Introduction, 15 Chapters, Epilogue, Practical overview) in which I write a small overview of the contents to start with, in order to make the book available to anyone and with a shorter timespan needed than reading the entire book, but more importantly, I’ll be writing a reflection on every chapter. A reflection that puts the given data in perspective, both on a small, personal scale as well as the larger picture.

The book, and therefore my articles, are about a fusion of two deeply interesting, enthralling and hugely practical insights: one of neurology, one of philosophy. In this book, science and spirit are fused together to enable the reader to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually, ultimately leading up to true enlightenment. Neuroscientist D. Perlmutter and psychologist and anthropologist A. Villoldo, both of whom have decades of experience in learning, understanding and applying the art of healing through various manners, work together in their respective fields of neurology, affirmation and shamanism to fulfil a synergy. In that, the book is a rare species. It truly allows you, in as short as a few weeks, to power up your brain and experience life from an entirely new level.

Reference: ISBN 9-781848-503106: Power Up Your Brain, The Neuroscience of Enlightenment. Dr David Perlmutter, FACN. Alberto Villoldo, PhD., 2011.

Picture ©Synaptica, UK.

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Hello Eric!
Love it. Upvoted!


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You have my attention! I'm very curious to read your reflections about this book

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I had the opportunity to study with Alberto some years ago. I'm currently looking into what Joe Dispenza teaches on this subject. Thanks for informing about the new book.


Oh wow, you studied with Alberto! That's interesting to hear! I'll write down your tip on Joe Dispenza for further reading. Can you tell me anything on how Alberto is as a person?


Well, he was an interesting guy in that he had this aura of mystery around him most the time, but could be very friendly when interacting with him one on one. I was a bit shocked however after I saw him regularly bumming cigarettes off some of the other students. Tobacco is a powerful shamanic medicine within the amazon. I did witness some rather miraculous things during his ceremonies. A little note that Alberto has endorsed Dispenza's work.


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Can you tell us more about your study with Alberto?


I studied with him directly in Holland, although I felt that after awhile it would be best for me to look for a different teacher which I found in the UK at a place called The Sacred Trust. It was quite intense working with Alberto. I ended up being faced with some of my own limitations which was not an easy process for myself. Even though I left him behind, I think of him from time to time being that I feel that my time with him was something rather significant for my life. I remember on the first day of the training, I ended up at the lunch table with him and some of the other teachers. I told them about a dream that I had a few nights earlier where a big black jaquar had come to me and sat on my lap. No one said a word and two of the instructors eyes grew big and their mouths fell open. Alberto sat stone-faced and didn't say a word. It was a rather strange event. I'd decided however to look at it all as some sort of sign that was pointing me in some direction.