Selling on Peerhub (My First Impression)

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With the craziness of the Holidays behind me I finally got around to doing something I had been meaning to accomplish since getting home from SteemFest…listing an item for sale on Peerhub. I sat next to @steemrollin at the closing dinner in Amsterdam and he told me about this online marketplace (like eBay or Craigslist) that allows you to accept Steem as payment for your items.

I collaborate with a local Twin Cities artist a few times per year to make very limited print-run, handmade poetry chapbooks. As a test, I decided to list one of these chapbooks to see how the marketplace worked.

My first impression was that Peerhub has a simple and uncluttered design and was easy to use. Without knowing anything about listing an item my ad was done in less than five minutes with the following steps:

Step One

Click the orange “Post New Item” button. Yes, that's @ned himself strikin' a pose in a Steemit hat.

Step Two

Fill in empty fields (Title, Category, Payment Type, Shipping, Price, Condition, and Description) and add a photo. Click “Post”. You’re done!

Step Three

Step three isn't really even a step, it's your finished ad. Below is the ad for my chapbook.

The Verdict

The process of listing an item on Peerhub is dead simple. The really great thing about the online marketplace is you can accept Steem, PayPal, or cash as payment. I chose Steem as my only payment option, of course.

I woke up nine or so hours after I listed the chapbook and had a message in my inbox that the item had sold! As happy I was about the sale I was even more thrilled that the buyer paid me in Steem! It felt wonderful, it made me feel like a pioneer. This, my friends, is a glimpse of a future when you'll be able to purchase anything with Steem.

In the next few weeks I’ll be listing autographed copies of my chapbooks and my novel for sale. I’ll also be looking for items to purchase on Peerhub.

Explore Peerhub yourself by Clicking Here. Let’s get more Steem into circulation because when this happens we all win!

I am an American novelist, poet, traveler, and Steemit enthusiast. I’ve been practicing meditation for twenty-four years and teaching meditation for two years. To follow my unfolding story please visit click on the link to my website below to sign up for my author newsletter.

Eric Vance Walton - Media





Wonderful to see, Eric. What a great way to share these treasures of yours.

Thanks @fairytalelife! I have to make some travelin' money. : )

Very cool! Congratulations on your sale. I think I've only listed one thing and it's collecting dust (my listing, not the item.) LOL I've been meaning to add more items but truthfully, I'm not ready to part with any of my art pieces yet.

Thank you, @merej99! I'm in the process of decluttering our living space too so you may see all kinds of things listed by me! Lol.

Thanks for the walk-through, and congrats on the sale!

Thank you for sharing this. I refuse to use PayPal for online transactions so this could come in handy.

You're welcome @vir! The ability to use Steem is what sold me.

Great call and short & sweet post, upvoted and re-steemed. Thanks a bunch on the heads-up. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Thanks, eric-boucher! Namaste!

I just signed up on there today too!!

Cool! I have a lot more things to list. 😉

Awesome @barrydutton! Do you plan on selling or just purchasing?

I have no idea yet. I just was feeling left out with everyone talking about it LOL and since I was on Steemit earlier than the masses, I figured why not do the same w PeerHub.

tack för det som du delar

I'm also using peerhub to sell my digital products. thanks for sharing yours :)

You're welcome! How has your experience been with it?

How's peerhub for selling digital products?

it's a good place & easy to sell your digital products. To know how it works please visit

Cool - I will check it out! :)

Great, thanks for your comment!

Great walk-through! Hoping to list some artwork myself in the next few weeks. Thanks for this! :D

You're welcome, @voronoi! I'm trying to get a lot of my artist friends to list their work there.

I've been meaning to use peerhub both as a buyer and seller as well, this is encouraging. thanks for the post!

You're welcome @natureofbeing! I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was.

outrageous post my m8 ! i had a smiliar taught on my mind as well. Follow for follow ! :D

Thank you, @zacko1994! Followed you!

really useful articles. But one thing i feel confused, [edit profile Paypal Steem] i know my paypal account, but where to find my steem account? I mean how to fill the list--steem?

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