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RE: What It's Like To Befriend A Living Legend... It AIN'T Easy!

in #life5 years ago

@macksby, what an incredibly captivating story! I can only imagine how isolating and reality-altering that level of fame can be. It's probably like a prison, that coupled with fears of aging and becoming irrelevant in the eyes of Hollywood would be enough stress to make a person moody and bitter.

I'm sure that time spent with you is every bit as memorable to her as it is to you. I can see this as a novel and then a film. Well done!


Thanks so much @ericvancewalton -- You know how much your opinion means to me... Through are many conversatiions, Faye expressed to me, that she really didn't know how to live any other way. Never having to struggle, being brought up through the old Hollywood studio system. She just didn't know how "regular" people interacted with each other. And, it was starting to scare her... Thanks Again, CHEERS!

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