Old Port, Montreal

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My good friend @luckyfellow and I landed in Montreal yesterday for our annual trip. This is the eighteenth summer that we’ve carried on this tradition. A lot has changed in those eighteen years. When we began this tradition I was a young, idealistic man with so many unrealized dreams. Now, with half my life behind me, many of those dreams have been achieved but there are still many to attain. In my experience, appreciation of life grows with age. There's plenty to appreciate in Montreal. This will be a weekend of culture, sightseeing, good food, and live jazz.

The trip, so far, has been a a strange dichotomy of good and bad luck. We got bumped up to first class on the flight for free but had the roughest landing I’ve ever experienced (we came down on one wheel.) We also thought we would be stranded without a place to stay due to a plumbing issue in our Airbnb but miraculously the host had another property (which was way nicer) across the street and offered it to us for the same price.

After getting settled in our Airbnb we hit the streets to explore this beautiful metropolis and try our best to capture the soul of the city with our cameras.

The way this travel day unfolded was such a great reminder that we have to take the bad with the good in life. Most times if you trust in the universe and do the right thing it all works out in the end.

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It looks like a really peaceful place. I can't imagine anything I'd rather do than lounge around listening to some jazz music with good food, good friends, and maybe a couple of good drinks.

That's right, @ericvancewalton, even from bad things we can get something good and learn. Even if you've gone through some inconveniences, you've been able to get away with it and even with a positive balance. Your friend @dougkarr talked today about giving thanks to life and so it is, even if you stumble, thank infinitely good things. Now enjoy! The city looks beautiful, the images are beautiful, you will have good music, good food and among friends! Perfect plan. Greetings and nice weekend.

Feels like Europe Love it there

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Hello my best friend @ericvancewalton How are you? Wow very wonderful photography. I like it your great full photography post. thanks for sharing your beautiful life

Que bellas fotografías. Le deseo un buen fin de semana, y espero que visite mi blog.

Into every vacation, a little rain must fall...but it looks like all the bad luck was replaced by good luck. This is such a good idea! I wish my friends and I had started a tradition like this years ago! Perhaps it is not too late to start? Hope you have a great vacation!


Thanks @cecicastor! It's never too late!

This makes me so excited to travel! Gosh! So pretty.

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Thanks! It’s an incredibly beautiful place.

Wow...really excellent post...and...lovely photoshoot...my dear friend...👸

congratulations dear friend @mervancewalton for keeping these traditions for so long, indeed, age makes us see things differently.
I regret what happened on the trip and best of all everything went well, stopping a plane on a wheel is not easy
Enjoy your stay.

What good pictures @ericvancewalton.
And what a good style and form to narrate your experience.

The comfort of your words relaxes as much as the shots of Puerto Viejo in Montreal.
You have a lot of positive thinking what's good about the difficulties.
It's good that everything went well, that you have a great time.

similar as many place from europe ,nice there.

This place is very clean and green . Buildings architecture is great . You are visiting here after 18 year . It's such a big gap .

Very good pics taken in Montreal . This is such a beautiful place . Your experience "appreciation of life grows with age. " is true .

For a good friend. In which you can create data. It works like a steemit.

You were right after all about the good and bad aspect of life all connected together, in Asia I leant it's called the Ying and the Yang. African cultures also ascertain that too.

But am more concerned about the dream you haven't achieved yet, as ages goes by, do you mind sharing some of those unachieved dreams.
Beautiful cities you have here.

Beautiful to check this out and got to know about this thanks for posting this dear :D

wow,really very wonderfull place.its looks like a peacefull place for trip.. these traditions for so long,but i am first time listening this matter of tradition.today i am got new experience to seen your post.hopefully you enjoy your shot trip with beautifull location and spending good time this tradition.thanks to sharing for your great post of travel.very well done..may god bless you.my dear friend.. @ericvancewalton its very excellent shots photography...dear

Seems like you guys had some nice time out in there :)
Let alone the 2nd and the 3rd view was indeed stunning

The universe works in mysterious ways, this weekend in your favour. Have a fantastic time.

Thanks for sharing your travel experience, this place looks awesome, just fit for any vacation..

This is beautiful place and awesome architecture .