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RE: How Taiwan Industrialized Post WWII And Proved The Capitalist Model More Successful Than China's Communist Model

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It is interesting to consider your article in the light of what happened in Japan after WWII: The American government had "gifted" the Japanese government as a way of repaying the people for the damage cased by the nuclear bombing. the result was in deed, a economic revolution that brought the Japanese people to the top of the world economies... Unfortunately, the results following were the logical effects of such philosophy and their economy is not only struggling, but highly dependent now and, as time goes by, underlines more and more the unsustainability of an economical philosophy based on unlimited resources coming straight from the land. we live in a finite world and we need to take responsibility for it, otherwise, we are running ourselves like a train toward a cliff. Namaste :)


The American government had "gifted" the Japanese government as a way of repaying the people for the damage cased by the nuclear bombing.

unfortunately the American government wasnt that noble in their pursuits. We predicted that the next war would come with Russia and with a lack of allies in the east, Japan was a launch point for a potential war. This is the reason why we had and still have so many military bases there.

Japans current problem isnt because of dependency, in fact for a long period of time Japan was buying up American companies and buildings like crazy. The problem is many of the manufacturing jobs have gone to other economies and made in Japan doesnt have the praise it used to. With many other countries like South Korea now having cheap automobile industries, Japan got hurt on that front too. Japan was the forerunner in technology but now for many reasons , (lack of innovation, strict society structure, ect) that is no longer the case.

Hum, I guess the quotation marks didn't underline enough the irony of this offer to the Japanese government and its people... Sorry about that. It was almost like a Trojan Horse and a really good test to find out the resulting effect of the doctoral study made, written and offered to them as a way of revitalizing their economy... As it stands right now, the Japanese people, many in villages near the American bases are subjected to "war games" and see themselves loosing land to their military powers and the situation is dire in some cases as I have seen from first hand accounts videos and reports. Namaste :)

We live in a hostile world. Being a peaceful people will not prevent another people from being aggressive towards you. Generally the more peaceful you are the more outside forces will see you as weak. You must always have your military trained and prepared for hostile actions from outside forces.

Take for example the "religion of peace" Islam... You don't have to be hostile towards them in order for them to attack you. You don't have to insult their profit or bomb their homes or have anything to do with them. Simply because you are not one of them, large swaths of their population would have you convert or die.

Remember, If you want peace, prepare for war.