When You Realise The Gratitude Seed Only Grows In The Presence Of Joy, But Joy Is A Distant Memory

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It's a powerful step towards receiving what you want in life, because it puts us into a state of receiving.

You can't be grateful unless you're received something, right?

I've practiced gratitude for years, through some very dark times, and it always helps to lift me, shift me. Because it fires useful neurons in my brain and that changes neuro-chemistry and that's the physical fact, that's how gratitude helps us feel better.

What I didn't understand for so long is this - gratitude is just a beginning.

The universe is a massive replicator, and whatever we have inside, it replicates. It can do nothing else.

So if we have sorrow and emptiness and I-can't-do-it-ness inside, that's it, that's what will arrive. Nothing else is possible.

So how do you shift yourself out of that, to something better, something lighter, more joyful, more abundant, more expansive?

Only you can, nobody else can do it.

We've all seen or heard somebody who didn't want to feel better, who was determined to stay in drama or misery or whatever. It's always a choice.

Here's how.

It's too simple so we often miss it.

Just pick one small thing that you want in your life. Make it easy, something small.

Now dwell on that, get clear on it, and start to generate the positive feelings you know you'll have inside yourself when you have it ... NOW.

NOW. Not then, not later. NOW.

It's back to front, totally counter-intuitive.

But wait a minute. If the universe really is a gigantic replicator ... is it back to front?

Or is this the truth about how life really works?

You generate those positive feelings, you elevate your resonance, your broadcast, your this-is-what-I'm-calling-to-myself.

Then the universe can celebrate because it can give you more of the good stuff! It wants to! It's just waiting for you to put yourself in a state where you can receive it.

That's the power of gratitude, when you use it as a seed and feed it and water it with joy and appreciation and positive feelings inside yourself.

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