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There's power, right? The sun in all its glory, making a halo in a high flying layer of ice crystals.

Does the sun have to work hard to do this?

Does it try and try and try, thinking "I must shine more brilliantly, I must put all my effort into being the source of energy for everything on planet Earth"?

You know the answer to that.

The sun just IS. By its very nature it explodes forth strength and power and abundance and there's no way to stop it. (Sure you can wait however many millions of years until it runs out of fuel, but you know what I mean.)

The way to your greatest and most explosive power is to relax, rest, settle, dive, exult into YOU.

The way to your greatest and most incisive clarity is to know yourself, your truth, your song, your story, and to tell it, own it, sing it.

The way to create the abundant life and love and relationship and health and peace and resources and everything else you want is to fall deeply in love with yourself. Unconditionally. Your darkness, weakness, warts, niggles, wonder, glory, mundanity, spectacular successes and failures. All of YOU. All.

You won't find power by seeking power.

You'll find it when you soften, deepen, let go, fall into your own gentleness. The softer and kinder and more LOVE you become, especially to yourself, the more power you embody, simply by being. Like the sun.

Effort kills your power.

Cuts it off. Instantly.

The moment you start to push, struggle, try, focus on how much you don't have yet, how much you've not done yet or how much you're missing out on because you're not going fast enough or whatever ... splat.

... so soften. Let up on yourself. Do what you must to find ease and gentleness and flow.

Stop. Just stop. Stop the effort.

Chasing and pushing and worrying can only produce more of itself. I know, I've done it. Follow this path if you want, just know you will only find the same things along the way I did.

It's just how the universe works.

So you're in a twist, feeling confused or poor at heart or dis-empowered.

What then ensyth-maddy, it's all very fine telling me what doesn't work, now tell me what does!

Beloved ... stop.

Face yourself and your experience and just doggone have the experience. OK, so that's the experience. Now how do you want to feel instead?

Option 1: Find something, anything, to do, which helps you to move towards the feeling you want to have instead. Doesn't matter how small it is, don't knock it, just do that. You need to shift yourself, and you do that by following your heart's desire in this moment. And I don't mean eat a whole chocolate cake or go drive a car so fast you run off the road. I mean do something kind and loving for yourself.

Option 2: Skip the 'doing' and go straight to the result you want. Begin to generate the feeling you want to have inside yourself, right now, right here.

It may feel utterly stupid, and totally wrong. Because you're literally saying to your body and brain

"Not this set of neurons and biochemistry and muscle tension which creates this state of being for me, which then replicates itself in the world, and heavens I'm so used to it and it's a familiar pain.

"NOT this.

"Now, I want THIS instead. I want to breathe easier. I want to step away from the thing that's bothering me for a bit and generate feelings of LOVE in my heart, in my body.

"Just LOVE for me, and if love for me is too hard, maybe love for the sky, or the sun, or my kids, or something I really enjoy, or the last thing I remember seeing that was beautiful.

"LOVE for something, it doesn't matter what. That's what I'm going to dwell upon now, I'm going to create that experience in myself, and it's going to feel weird, but after a bit it will feel better, and I'll get stronger in it and the LOVE will expand and fill me and then the universe will heave a great sigh of relief and say 'Fantastic!!! Now we can give you more of that!'

"And I'll receive it and like it and love myself a bit more and it will keep on feeding back and getting stronger and stronger and now I'm starting to warm up and feel better in myself and gee I can do more of this ..."

That's how you do it Beloved. Your strength and abundance and clarity and everything else comes out of LOVE for yourself, being true to yourself, and then it flows with such ease and power it explodes out of you.

I know. I'm on this path. I'm making this transformation myself. And I'm sharing the truths and tools and tricks I've gathered along the way in the HeartField for Abundant Self Creation.

If you look at me and think oh no, she's too powerful, too scary, she'll blow me to pieces, know this.

The power is there because I've fallen deeply in love with me and my purpose in life and that's just roaring out of me now. But the softness and gentleness of me and ensyth undergirds all of it.

The HeartField is a completely safe space for you to connect with and explore and embody yourself, your truth, your power and your strength, and your weakness and darkness too. It's all you, and it's all perfect, in a way that word isn't usually used.

I'd love you to join in, dive in, settle in, and share the HeartField for Abundant Self Creation with me.

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