Do You Feel Guilty For Saying What You Need, Or Even Daring To Say The Forbidden Word ... 'No'?

in life •  2 years ago

I bet you know what this is like.

We get programmed to say No to ourselves and Yes to everyone else, and we feel SOOOO bad if we do anything else.

I found a way out of the Guilt Trap!

A way to stop being manipulated by other people's whims, emotions and expectations.

It's simpler and much more profound than you think and it just takes practice, and being determined and committed to connecting into knowing what's right for you.

Find out how I did it, and how you can do it too

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I try to say yes more often than no :) Don't like hurting people's feelings. Not a pushover though :)


Yeah it's a balancing act ay. I like everyone to be happy too. Just sometimes there's a point where I have to say no if I'm going to love and respect myself. And if I love and respect myself I'll also love and respect everyone else so it begins and ends with me.