Take Your Power Back

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Let it all go.

Nothing that acts as a burden on your back should be here.

We became so associated with the burden, we find it it hard to determine what it is.

Our beliefs and behavior patterns are so strong...

We go through whole life failing to notice them.

What is it that, that is not allowing me to peacefully enjoy my life?

It is everything that has nothing to do with me.

Fear, thoughts, anxiety, expectations, disappointments... all that bullshit

It has nothing to do with us.

Its just, its so deeply rooted inside of us... we became associated

We can't let go. Admit it.

You can't let go things that are fucking you right now...

Your mind is waking up before you do - starting to talk shit

You are unable to do anything about it.

Its just how it is... mind is screaming, not allowing you to be

You commit yourself to it... give it authority

But that's not a good choice

Mind is the best servant but the worst leader

If you let it lead you... it will just prolong your suffering

Constantly craving things, searching for peace - love

But failing to realize that very essence of those is deep inside.

Not in anything external... not in anything of this world

Everything from this world is temporary

Same with satisfaction and all other emotional products of it

It all comes and go...

One thing is constant, that is you

Touch your very essence, tune in with your Soul

Let it guide you towards a peaceful life filled with love...

Detox from everything that no longer serves you

People, conversations, bad thoughts, old patterns, expectations, beliefs, worries, fears...

Let fucking everything go.

Un-fuck yourself.

Fuckery is coming to an end... we are waking to our true power

To our essence.

We are much more than what we were convinced we are

We are magical beings, more advanced than we can perceive

The programming is so hard though... that's why its super hard to de-program

But its possible.

Take small steps... devote yourself fully

Devotion is the key. No devotion, no progress...

Yes, there are many hard times through life... moments that want you to quit

But eventually, if you push just a bit harder

You'll find yourself in a new position, new horizon...

Upgraded you, stronger than what you've ever been

From that standpoint, you can realize its not that hard

Whatever rough might come your way, that too - shall pass

Everything shall pass my dear.

We'll be gone in blink of an eye...

Embrace the moments, embrace the opportunities

Embrace the good, embrace the bad.

Live from your heart...

The center of your being, that which can move mountains

Stay strong.




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Powerful post. Its still resonating with me hours later!

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