ALIGNED Community: 200+ STEEM Allocated For HEALING The Baby! :)

in life •  8 months ago 

Simply amazing week on STEEM blockchain, just witnessing everything & letting it flow

Whole community gathering in order to overtake voting-bots on (vote for STEEM if you didn't)

Amazing acting in togetherness, allocating desperately needed funds for the parents of a baby!

These are the clear indicators where all of this is moving, may I say? I think everyone are feeling it, the type of power we can achieve when acting from the hearts instead of "hidden interests"

The type of united-ness we can achieve when everyone are playing together, like a team.

DTube has influence on STEEM blockchain and we should Appreciate the perks we have, use our power wisely.

I'm really glad to see lot of people in the community standing up, this proves to me that this world is heading towards a better place - a blockchain towards even more prosperous (in every way) future moments.

How cool is that? Super cool! :) have a beautiful day beautiful people

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You’re Awesome bro!

I appreciate your kindness:)


Thank you brother. Appreciating your open heart :)

Spirituality made you do it, I know :P


This is the link to Baby Laine Kharece Update :) Thank you!

So grateful to see so many people standing up as one acting from the hearts 🖤

Thank you @enjoyinglife for standing too..


Hehe, don't thank me as I said - this has nothing to do with me!