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Fear is the biggest enemy of humankind. The only obstacle that divides us from what we are.

When we allow ourselves to break through it, we become limitless.

There are truly no limits in this physical realm. The only ones there are, are the ones created by the mind.

Mind is not ours. Often we think it is, identify with it... but its not.

Mind is a part of reptilian brain. Which is a part of this body. Above it all, there you are - limitless being, ready to embrace life in all its beauty. Therefore, it is a must to practice non identification with the mind.

Actually that's crucial for living a healthy and fulfilled life. Otherwise, you'll waste your life being stuck somewhere where you don't belong. Even won't recognize your true essence... just move in circles (reincarnate), until you finally get it. Set yourself free.

Brothers and sisters, you are mighty beings. More mightier than you've ever allowed yourself to comprehend. Cause your mind is bringing you down, constantly, doubting your every move... preventing you to awake to your true powers. You are Gods in flesh. Not humans. Human is just a concept.

There is a war on consciousness right now, a war between Parasitic consciousness and pure God's awareness. Which one are you feeding?

Maybe you feel you are God, but I'm telling you, its not that easy. Many times our EGOs camouflage, making us think we innerstand, when actually we don't.

Unlike many others tasks, this one is not easy itself. You need to take proper care of you body, mind and therefore Spirit, in order to be in touch with what you are - a divine being.

Plantbased is a must during these times. I'm telling you. Plantbased diet combined with fasting makes the parasites leave the body. Its not easy, but the clearer you become, it will be to obvious not to notice. When you finally get rid of them, you are ready to connect to God's consciousness and act through it.

Until then, your mind will always play some song of its own. Therefore, don't forget, self-work is of crucial importance during these changing times.

Even the Ghetto boys knew it:

Your mind might think: What the fuck is this guy speaking about?

But I'm telling you, that's not You. Its your fucking parasites controlling your brain. It was even scientifically proven recently how colon is the second brain, with even more nerve endings. And you'll never see me post a scientific research. Not that I don't trust science, I do in many ways. Just not bothered with it, I get information straight from the source. Intelligence that's even higher than intellect many are so hook on.

Never forget who you are. A great mantra to repeat to stay in God's awareness:

I am God. I love myself. I am God. I love myself... as long as its needed. Just don't let your EGO trick you. Cause that mantra can be repeated from EGO with no effect... you need to talk through your Spirit. Pure intent.

Never forget, where we are, Earth is your mother and Sun is your father. It is a must to spend time in the nature along with absorbing Sun rays daily.

Breathwork help you to connect to Spirit, it is a hand of God inside yourself.

Additionally, plantbased diet will help you to feed your body in the right way, since we are all about life and nothing about death. Therefore we should feed ourselves with living foods, instead of flesh from beings who suffered.

And last, but not least, silence and darkness are vacation for the Soul. That's why its a must to spend time in the darkness and complete silence, every single day. That might come as a challenge, but its not impossible.

Fulfill these easy steps, at least do it 1 by 1, you'll soon realize how easy it is to manifest the kind of life you want. Its time to evolve... return to our roots :)