Walking Barefoot transformed my Health!

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Many call it earthing or grounding, the terms are precise. Walking in direct contact with our mother, Earth - has many huge & often overlooked benefits for us.

The profit times, which we live in, do as hard as they can to sell you remedies that have nothing to do with remedy & want to make you a loyal for life consumer.

I was a part of it... as a young kid, my parents never taught me to walk barefoot... instead, they bought me all kinds of synthetic footwear which eventually led to me developing flat feet.

Issue occasionally started to leave me in pain, as my hip didn't develop correctly & everything went in wrong directions.

As I was a kid, I didn't know how the potentially simplest solution can bring me the most benefits. So, instead of just spending time in the nature, barefoot, I was visiting chiropractor after chiropractor hoping they can offer some miraculous tips to me.

But I was wrong, only thing they did was give me more synthetic footwear, in terms of foot pads etc

I don't need to explain you what happened. Obviously my feet never got to original state & as time passed, I developed more pain since wrong posture.

Now when I am way much more experienced, I've found numerous remedies that are actually helping me reverse this state, such as: Yoga, Grounding, Fasting, Meditation etc

From my experience, walking barefoot is one of the most powerful things you can do for your backbone. Believe it or not, simply by practicing it for weeks in the nature, you can start to heal your hurt-by-modern-medicine feet & start enjoying that beautiful life!

When I got addicted to barefoot walking, I almost couldn't stand artificial footwear anymore.

Every single moment I would like to be barefoot, since when I use shoes or flip-flops it's never the same, my posture is never 100% natural.

Only walking in direct contact with our Mother can help you dramatically fast to heal yourself.

Our bodies are desperate for constant connection to the nature (we are a part of it). This kind of relationship nurtures every single one of our cells, keeping us energized & alert.

10 Reasons why I practice Grounding:

  • Connection to our beautiful mother, Nature
  • Stronger Immunity (increased Red Blood Cell count)
  • A mental clarity, allowing me to center my thoughts
  • Being present in the NOW
  • Pain Reduction (limitless Supply of free Electrons)
  • Improved Nerve System (stimulation of acupuncture points)
  • Better & clearer eye sight (pressure point on foot connected to eye)
  • Stronger Feet & Ankles
  • Sleep like a baby! :)
  • Makes you age backwards! (if combined with right nutrition)


To someone with different perception, this may sound like complete BS. I can assure you it is not. Even though this comes completely natural to me, I understand it's not the same for everyone. The mental conditioning we undergone is too strong & lot of layers need to be lifted. That's why, you can simply type barefoot walking scientific studies & you'll find plenty of scientific evidence to feed your hunger. If you are that type of guy (I hate science).

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I could not agree more. My daily exercise routine is yoag. I also do intermitten fasting. No meditation and barefeet walking yet, but I will try someday. Just yoga and intermitten fasting make me more healthier and energic. I hope to see more people like you who can share these natural ways of living and maintain healthy.

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Haha so ironic to read this, i was wearing VioBarefoot shoes since first week of june,and now back to boots because i ruined the shoes!

For sciatica barefoot is amazing, i went to chiroprakter and then got the shoes, of which are highly reccomened!!

I only first went barefoot barefoot ten years back,and then found those great shoes, they do many versions and i need to get some for winter. Shoes that have elevation like at the heel,start to fuck out spines very quickly..

Soooo many other benifits to barefoot walking. Fasting is something that ive not tried but i should 😀

I love this! I need to do this much more, its just that where i live I dont have my own garden and it can get pretty cold here in the UK. But when ever I am at my moms, its the first this I do!

I go straight into the garden and take my shoes off. I also let my baby to do the same. I love it. I feel the connection I feel that tingling sensation. It truly is amazing. Thank you for sharing your benefits :)

It is also a reason why farmer's live longer than the one who stay in the city. Walking barefoot is also the best anti oxidant.

amen. I study okinawa Kenpo and watched 87 yr old Master Odo trip, fall, and was back up before i even saw him hit ground. Thy always use to walk barefoot, to strengthen their feet, and Im sure Earthing was a big side effect from that, which added to their health

Interesting, I like to hug a tree every now and then... It helps!!!

great & impressive

Me parecen muy bien los beneficios que trae para la salud pero cuando era pequeño me gustaba mucho andar descalzo y sufrí mucho de los parásitos hasta que aprendí a calzarme, de allí en adelante no volví a visitar al doctor por ese motivo.

Totally agree.. great information

Thank's a lot buddy. Some time ago I was diagnosed with cancer. Since then my life has changed a lot. Mostly in a good way as I started to take care of my health more: both physical and spiritual. After reading your about your thoughts and experiences I am sure that walking barefoot must become a part of my life...