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We like to think the mind is in control, but it is only a tool to do what we want to do. Sometimes we get caught up in the loops. The real us, the energy, the spirit, lives on forever, like the ocean, always crashing on shore, and the sun, always rising and setting. It shines on all of us, no matter what race or sex, and it never fails. What's up with all the worry?

Worry. Fear. It's internal, much like everything else. Universes inside universes, different layers in all realms. This is our enemy, along with boredom and rage, power and greed. These emotional programs have been installed into the hive-mind harddrive. Modern environment encourages mental prowess, the mind takes over, wanders where ever it can. As the energy sits in the backseat, arms crossed, like a once happy loud child told to be quiet too many times in a row. We lose connection, living in our heads, always thinking, planning, dreaming, the present somehow gets lost right under our noses, and the days slip on by.
We are taught by the mainstream environment to fear the worst, to worry about things we have no control over so worrying about it is a waste of energy, life.

The bad is highlighted and the good sprinkled in just to fill the air waves, getting ready to dive head-first into today's latest tragedy.

The only thing we have to do is observe nature. The trees and plants live life to the max, everyday they soak in the blessing from the sun. They strive for the best position, in a life-time silent battle with the others. Silent to our deaf ears, they speak a tongue we can only experience. They do not worry, and the winners do not brag, and the losers do not complain. They take everything as it is, whatever reality presents to them, they embrace without a fight. Though they are submissive, it is only a testament of their strength.
We can live in worlds where the boogeymen snatch people in their sleep, or we can live on this heaven; this perfect system that sustains itself without our help, yet we think we can, and we only add more trash. This place has been here longer than anyone alive in history ever, the life has been and will always be. No need for fear, there is plenty for us all and then more.
Thank you for reading!

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