Do it to Julia!

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From plastic bag suffocation to genital mutilation by sickle - there are utterly scary things our sick minds can come up with. Yet the truly scary things that are closer to our everyday life are surprisingly not that easy to imagine.


I haven't posted anything in the last month (or even more perhaps), reason being that I was away to a place that recently caught my attention. That place is Crimea (with all the controversy around it) and the situation that peninsula is at the moment (both politically and historically) - something that I felt I just need to see. So highly likely that I will write about that next, would be good to know if anyone is curious to see/read about what's it actually like there right now.

Having that out of the way, what I am going to tell about now is a brief thought that visited me while I was away.
Love is one of the things that makes the world go round, we (I hope we do) all love someone and the question is - how well will that last? It was back in high school or university days when I read Orwell's "1984" and Zamyatin's "We" (which I would be more happy to talk about, however 1984 shows a more grim picture, so better suits the topic). Although due to my age back then Orwell's book did not scare me the way it does now. Almost everything about this dystopian society is unpleasant and straight up scary, but the thing that I want to bring up is a less obvious detail.

A lot has changed since then, I have my own family now and the question that I found myself thinking of is: would I say "Do it to Julia!". This is the scariest thing about 1984 (as well as Zamyatin's "We") - it doesn't comfort you, you don't see a soothing ending, instead you see what probably would have happened in reality.
I do not want to admit in any possible way that I would say "Do it to Julia!", by no means will I openly admit it, however I can't say I wouldn't either and that is what is so scary about it. Can you assure yourself, that would would stay true to your love in such circumstances?

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I found 1984 far more scary than any horror book I ever read, and I think you hit on why in this post. Not just the bleak ending, but the all-too-true portrait it paints of human nature.

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