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Truth: Of Different Realities

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The ability to discern what holds true and what is not is one of the most complex tasks of the information war. We have often talked about the very subjective nature of truth and how different truths can be gotten from the same situation in the same location. While my truth holds firm and likewise does yours, can there be different truths? Will be it be truth if it has different meanings?

Sample Case:

We have probably all heard allegations of genocide on white farmers in South Africa. When Donald Trump made remarks that brought it to limelight, I spent a while on Twitter checking out opinions across board in South Africa, particularly from the alleged victims.

One thing I discovered was the very divided nature of opinions termed as truths by white South Africans who were probably in the best position to give the most credit worthy opinions. There were opinions for and against the allegations despite the singularity of evidence.

Observation and Conclusion

I am still a believer in the somewhat singularity of truth and the very subjective nature of truth even among those on the same plane makes it a tricky one to decipher. I have long been an advocate of a fact based truth but even that in itself my not be entirely perfect in assessment.

However the determinants of what holds and doesn’t cannot be left to those who sell narratives on the sole premise of credibility based on no real footing – neither facts nor previous truths, just sentiments.

Facts and truths are not mutually exclusive like they appear to be treated by some elements in the media. The presentation of same should take prominence over subjective references like perception based on ones interpretation of reality.

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You're correct to think like this. Even our science on physics is not "full" and we are always learning. Wisdom and understanding isn't stagnant so grasping these things will take an eternity. Meaning there will be new wisdom tomorrow that is not here today.😁

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I think the farmers don't want to speak out for fear of reprisals. They are a target already but don't want to stand out any more .


I'll take your word for it seeing as you actually live there


next post has another angle and will explain why

I tried talking about this issue and I noticed my own bias as a black african. I do not support the genocide but this situation in south africa has a long history filled with conflict and both parties need to gi back to the round table and re-negociate and find a middle ground.

but I will like to know what your opinion is on this said issue


I think there is an element of truth on both sides. As to the more believable narrative, I will love to have more information before arriving at a conclusion

The problem with a fact based truth is that in many cases it's impossible to know the facts. Yesterday, Russia accused the US of using white phosphorus bombs in Syria. The Pentagon denied. Unless you were there on the ground you cannot say what is true.
By the way, searching up Syria there are reports Assad ordered a gas attack on Idlib. You must have heard Trump warning he will not tolerate such attack already a week ago. If in the next few days there's going to be some footage of a gas attack how can we tell if it's true or not? Some will say it's fake based on such and such evidence, others will say the evidence is also fake... it never ends. In the end, I don't see any other way but believe one side, full knowing they might be lying.

howdy there empress-eremmy! kinda demanding aren't ya? you want the media to report the truth? that's a tall order, at least in this country, there is usually SOME truth in there but slanted in one way or another.
but very thought provoking post so great job!


Thanks a lot Janton

Oh yes! Fact is not equal to truth and truth is influenced by perspective.

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The white genocide in South Africa debate has plenty of facts and truths. It becomes a problem when we only know a few of them. I'll wager that life in South Africa is not great for anyone, at the moment, regardless of skin colour. For some it will be easy to blame the whites, but I'd say most don't. I truly hope that South Africa doesn't have a genocide on it's hands moving into the future. Genocides and attempted genocides have long memories and I doubt that most people want that for their people.

There is a simple truth:
Murder is a sin, a crime. And the killer is a criminal.
So who make a crime, they are just simple the trash of humanity, no matter what reason. Black or white, muslim, jew, christian, poor or rich, doesnt matter. Trash.

And the trash need to eliminate to everyone's happiness...

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There are two sides to every story and both may be true . You have to weight both arguments up and draw a conclusion

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Agreed. It is an inability to see the other perspective that often causes problems