My Notes From All I learnt From Fela Durotoye Today at The Gathering of Eagles.

in #life5 years ago

Fela Durotoye is dubbed as one of the best public speakers, motivator and life coach in Nigeria. Today, I had the opportunity to sit under his immense wisdom. Here are some things I learnt from him today.

  • Most people in life do not know what they don't want to do.

  • Life is time and time is life.

  • Find out what you do comfortably well. Find your comfort zone and do the best in it.

  • What is the thing you love to do.
    What can you do so well that you can't find the person who taught you.
    What is the thing you do so well that time flies.

  • Passion is audible. Passion is visible. Passion is impactful and infectious.

  • Make a positive impact on everyone you meet and everywhere you go.

  • Be a solution provider and not a part of the problem to be solved.

  • Be your best in all you do particularly the things you are naturally good at.

  • No one will ever forget the way you made them feel.

  • Build a great legacy!

  • Nil impact is the worse kind of impact to have.

  • The future is not a time zone that you have to get to. The future is everything you want to achieve that you've not achieved.


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