How To Set SMART Goals in this Second Half of the Year

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What is a SMART goal? And why are such goals important?
It is enough to follow the meaning of its initials in English and you will quickly find the meaning of them.
S pecific
M easurable
A ttainable
R elevant
T imely
Now let's see how each of the parties works.


What do you want to get?
Be specific about what you want to achieve in this month and the next half of the year. Decide on an area where you want to improve and define the goal you want to achieve. New clients, learn a program or a better salary, etc.
This is a way of having the odds on your side. It's not just about improving your business or making more creative projects, it's about focusing on a specific objective.


What figures will you use to measure that goal?
Now that you have your goal, assign it a goal in numbers so you can have a more accurate goal than you want.
All the objectives can be measured, and that is the best way to evaluate if you succeed or if you fail when you take stock. If you want to work less, how many hours less a day? a month? If you want to read more, how many books do you want to read this year?
Break down your goal into numbers that you can easily understand, this will help you see how easy or difficult each goal can be.


No matter what you want to achieve, the important thing is to know if you can really do it, otherwise do not waste your time.
Look for goals that you can really achieve in the not too distant future. This is about defining goals, not dreams.
If you want to be the most famous public speaker in your country, but you do not know what it takes to get there, it will not happen.


What good will it do to achieve that goal?
Your goal should be linked to who you are or want to be later. Your vision, your personality and the lifestyle you want must be in accordance with your present and your future.
The important thing is that your goal has to do with what you want to be or want to achieve in the future.
You must understand the "Why?" For each goal you set or you will never achieve something concrete in your life.


How much time do you need to achieve that goal?
Personally, I think that this is one of the most important points because we all want results already, and when we do not achieve them we lose interest.
You must define a specific time to achieve that goal. When you define a SMART goal, you have all the tools to know the exact time it will take you to achieve it.
It can be a month, 6 months or a whole year. The important thing is that you consider the expiration date of that goal so that during that time you do everything possible to achieve it.

Now some examples of smart goals
To better understand how to create your "SMART" goals, I'll give you some examples, that way you'll have a clearer idea to do your own.
Personal Objective 1: Increase my income
SMART: Increase my monthly income by 30% in 6 months through the creation of products that generate me passive income, to save and buy an apartment.
Personal objective 2: Write an eBook
SMART: Write at least 1000 words a day for 30 days, to create an eBook that I can give free to visitors to my site.
Personal objective 3: Automate my customer management processes
SMART: Create a much more convenient and practical workflow that allows me to save time and offer better advice to each client. This includes the creation of brief templates, proposals, emails, accounting, etc. I have a month to create the necessary elements.

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