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In this world of ever changing expectations we are mostly hindered by alot of things but they never determine what we can become. The main hinderance we all complain about is OUR BACKGROUND but if you agree with me the most of the sucessfull people in the world came from a poor background.
People like Kenny Troutt he grew up with a bartender dad and paid for his own tuition at Southern Illinois University by selling life insurance.
he founded Excel communication in 1988 and took public in 1996. Two years later, Troutt merged his company with Teleglobe in a $3.5 billion deal.
He's now retired and invests heavily in racehorses.
Another example is Montpellier rugby club president and Entrepreneur of the Year Mohed Altrad survived on one meal a day when he moved to France.Born into a nomadic tribe in the Syrian dessert to a poor mother who was raped by his father and died when he was young, Altrad was raised by his grandmother. She banned him from attending school in Raqqa, the city that is now capital of ISIS. Altrad attended school anyway, and when he moved to France to attend university, he knew no French and lived off of one meal a day. Still, he earned a PhD in computer science, worked for some leading French companies, and eventually bought a failing scaffolding company, which he transformed into one of the world's leading manufacturers of scaffolding and cement mixers, Altrad Group.
This simply shows that what ever you do or where ever you're from, There is all ways a potential to succeed. Just keep the spirit alive and keep preparing for that someday BECAUSE THAT DAY IS CLOSER THAN YOU THINK.

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