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In the spring, the world changes, the days are pleasant, warmer and longer. We admire nature at every step. Unless I had this wonderful time of "factory" error, which we call Spring Fatigue. You may be wondering how to get past that, and recharge energy again? Read on, and try to acknowledge my suggestions.


On Valentine's Day, which is celebrated on February 14th and is known as a saint who has "a key from the roots", it is in nature in the same way that it strikes a giant gong. Juices begin to flow again, seeds are barely waiting to start growing. In just a few weeks, in the natural harmony around us, everything is completely transformed. Even a delayed snowstorm can no longer stop the natural force after awakening. Everything would be so enjoyable if we would not be so - tired.


Someone suffers a slight headache all the day, the other is irritable, the third sleeps poorly, is difficult to concentrate at work, postponing the task and not looking into the mirror because it feels like a bunch of disasters. Every spring fatigue is felt differently. The symptoms of fatigue are also experienced by doctors, although this is not a disease. I have collected some tips that are good to read so that we can recognize spring fatigue before we think that something is wrong with us. That way we can help ourselves on our own.

  • Tea and other liquids

In winter, we spend most of our time indoors, which are heated, and the air in them is drained. The body also loses water, which can cause headache and discomfort. Help is simple: drinking fluids. Water is first aid, but other drinks are improved. Tea warms and releases us, so we have to take it for a cup of at least three times a day.


  • Coffee is like an elixir

A refreshing feeling over a cup of coffee is known by many. Even during spring tiredness, we can afford it several times a day. Of course, it is not to overdo it. If we have the feeling that we can not fall asleep after the afternoon coffee, we must give up drinking it late, and rather drink one more in the morning.

  • With diet over fatigue

With proper diet, we can better overcome spring fatigue than anyone would think. And the matter is not even complicated. All we have to do is to plan for a week in advance. We must give the main place to vegetables, even though there aren't yet many locally produced veggies. At least in Slovenia at this time of year.

I could go on and on about things to do, but I can sum it up in my last advice, which will be short, but very important, so you better read it carefully and memorize it by heart:

  • Take time to rest if you need to,
  • start exercising or just walking in nature,
  • eat properly and regularly,
  • plan a daily routine gradually, if you want to make changes in your life,
  • and simply cuddle yourself by going on a massage, sauna or meditation.


Even though I made plans for my wishes, made little steps toward a future I want for myself I know I have to take time to relax. Time is rushing by way to fast, and I have to slow down... What about you - did you make any plans for the future, and start doing changes, or you are still in a state of winter hibernation?

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You have some good advice. I'll need to come back to this post in a month or two when spring comes, hehe.

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Well, thank you for your words. I am glad somebody finds my posts useful. But most of all I must thank you for your comment. Still can't stop laughing. 😋

I wait spring excitingly as many people. Thank you for this post. We can reach some valuable advices in this writing.

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