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Don't like Mondays? You can take things into your own hands. I wrote some tips below, with which you can make yourself a bit more bearable Monday.


For a good start of the day you can make a list of songs that sing about Monday: "Manic Monday" (Bangles), "Monday, Monday" (Mamas and the Papas) or a bit cranky from Bob Geldof "I don't like Mondays". Of course, Monday mornings just have to be fun, so start a day and a week with humor. And if you simply don't like the songs about Monday, play yourself the music you do like. And sing, or even dance along. What is better than that?


I know that my Mondays are great if I have fun over the weekend doing something different. You can follow my lead, and do something new, and adventurous. So you will hardly wait to tell your annoying coworker, who always boast about how he and her partner enjoyed going in the spa, the pool or the seaside, how much fun you had, without the partner, and tons of money. Even if you didn't do anything special, you can praise how you enjoyed the peaceful coffee with your closest friend without kids, and time limit.


If your weekend wasn't anything special, you can simply cuddle yourself with a piece of chocolate, big cut of quality coffee or some other tasty treat.


If you are still on some kind of diet, like the majority, you can just get out of the office during lunch and go for a walk. It's no better cure to make the sadness of Mondays go away more than a little vitamin D that is given to you by the sun. Fresh air will give you new energy, and maybe even someone will whistle behind your back, and Monday will become your favorite day in a second.


But if nothing from above can help you, then you can make a ritual every Monday by setting the goal of what you will be looking forward to this week. You can only rejoice of Friday but have a goal and a joy to live.

Luckily the Monday is almost over here. To all of you, who barely started the day I wish a pleasant Monday and good night. :)

Photos made by me, and my Samsung A5.

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Lovely photographs @emmamia and good tips as well. I love the shots of the hydrangeas. The flowers look perfect. 😊


Thank you @gillianpearce. I like those flowers too. So many different colors and shades on just one plant. From yellow to blue and purple.

After 3 years of being self-employed Ive really lost a feeling for what day of the week it is. Saturday is just like any day. Monday is just like any day, because you work for yourself and the more you put in- the more you get out. This is quite opposite to a traditional 9-5, especially if you hate your job. So go self-employed. You'll never know what day it is.


:) Amazing way of thinking! :) I had just the same feeling when I was pregnant at home all the time. :) Hehe... The problem of being self-employed is that you have to know the boundaries. And simply have a balance between time spent for work and time for yourself and family. I know many, who are not capable of doing that. Or they don't put enough effort and don't do enough. Or just do too much, and don't have any free moment of time.

Thanks alot for this post. The latter part of your post points to setting goal of what we will be looking forward to in the week which I always do every monday. Thanks again for the post


Nice to see, that someone thinks alike. I'm glad you came around. And I wish you a pleasant planning of things to look forward to during the week.


It is a priviledge coming across your post. Thank you.

great way to explain ur word in fabulous manner, but can u tell me one thing ...i m waiting
why u choose MONDAY and nt any other day ?


I noticed, that people are having fun during the weekends. They forget about the stress built up during the working weeks. They go to bed later and sleep longer. On Mondays they just simply need more time to properly wake up, start working and start being productive again. Especially if the weather isn't great, people just tend to be sleepier, and crankier.

I had an amazing weekend, and I admit, it wasn't simple to start working again with the full power. :) You don't experience that feelings on Mondays?

Very good capture friend and I think you have more love on flower than other view. I love you are article and picture.


Thank you @poulcristenlee. I am glad you like it.

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Nice photogrophy


Thank you!