AC without DC ;)

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In hot summer days, like we are having, the air conditioners are irreplaceable, and mostly bring us a big relief. Especially in metrology laboratories located next to the production hall like I'm working at. But if we don't use it properly, it can also have negative effects on health.


It's nothing wrong when the temperature differences are within the right limits. But when we feel the heat we mostly set the temperature to the lowest possible, even though we all know, that human body is also affected by larger heat passages from the cooled room to an outdoor, summer-enriched environment, or in our situation, from the laboratory to production hall. Ok, for me, and a few, who are mainly just inside the place is ok to have the temperature around 21°C (70°F), but for those, who are just passing through from the steaming hot production, with temperatures over 30°C (90°F), isn't ideal. All major sudden changes to the body are affecting the body like stress.

Usually, people say, that they catch a cold because of the air conditioners. Know that that fact isn't true. Because for cold, you need to get a virus. Ok, it's still true, that some people who stay in buildings where there is no other ventilation as climatic are referred to by various nonspecific syndromes, such as headaches, muscle pain, burning eyes, dry throat.


In everyday usage of air conditioning, the ideal air temperature for people is difficult to define because it's different for each individual. Generally, the lowest temperature should be 22°C, but the most important factor to consider is that it's not advisable to install air conditioners in a way, that the air will blow directly into the body, as most people don't stand it.

Everything is ok if the place where the air conditioner is mounted is big enough. But my workplace isn't like that. The place where three people are working is narrow and not so big. The air conditioner, which is located over our left shoulder, is always directed at someone. And with summer just hardly beginning, and the temperatures still considerably low, the season of stiff shoulders and necks is just started. Not so promising for us, who have to work in places with constant temperatures, but that's the thing. We can't live with it, but on the other hand, we can't live with it. :) What are your thoughts about AC - can you live without it, or not anymore?

Photos, which are sadly not really related to the topic, were made by me, and my Samsung A5.

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I can live without AC as long as there is a shade tree and a breeze or a ceiling fan.


:) I agree about the shade under a tree. But fans aren't so often to see around us. Maybe because there isn't so hot to have one. Although it's interesting, that both summers when I was pregnant had really high temperatures I could barely stand. But now, we had a hot May, but June and July didn't show us the warmth we would expect. :)

I like to run the AC so it just takes out the humidity. When there is a vast difference in temps, I never get comfortable!


Me neither. I don't know if I'm childish, but the constant blowing from AC makes me really uncomfortable. And my head starts to hurt. So that's why I usually turn it on, and off immediately after I feel the difference in the temperature. Especially in the car.

I thought I can't live without it, but you know what, although we have an AC in our home, we haven't switched it on yet. We take care to put blanks on the windows as soon as sun starts to burn and the temperature inside remains in normal ranges. We prefer the natural feel over AC. Of course we will have to switch AC on in the coming days and months, but if it is not absolutely necessary than nope :)


:) Summer in Slovenia this year is something I don't know if I like much. Big temperature fluctuations during the days and unpredictable weather isn't the thing I would like. Ok, I hate really high temperatures, but still, for now, the May was perfect "Summer" month this year.

We don't have the AC in our home. And I also, like you, prefer to put the shades down when it's getting too hot outside. Opening the doors, and windows to get the air through the apartment is done in the mornings and evenings. And that's it. The only AC I need is when the car is heated to temperatures above 30°C. Then I need to cool down in a couple of minutes, just to start breathing normally. :)